Survivor: South Pacific

Ticking Time Bomb

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 13, 2011

Unquestionably the most satisfying moment of the season.

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As she continues on, in the background, Brandon starts screaming about Tree Mail, because it's the "insert product placement" Phone Mail. They all gather around and watch videos of their loved ones who are on the island. We meet Rick's wife, Edna's sister, Sophie's dad, Albert's mom, Coach's brother and Brandon's dad...yes, Russell's brother. Good lord, are any of the Hantzes over five feet tall?

And with that, it's time for Cochran's Last Stand. Today's duel is a throw the hook and grab some bags challenge. Once they get all three of the bags, they'll pull a ball out of one of them and use it on a large octagonal table maze. First one to get their ball to the middle wins the duel, loser goes home. The Upolu tribe tries to help Cochran throw the rope. Ozzy's making quick work of the bags. He has all three while Cochran only has one. Ozzy's got a huge lead on this one, as expected.

Cochran eventually gets his second bag as Ozzy nears the end. Cochran finally gets his third bag as Ozzy nears the center. As Cochran finally gets his ball on the board, he totally goes for broke. On a maze where you need to be careful and slowly work your way through, he's tearing through it at a frenetic pace. Really, it's pretty indicative of how he's played the whole game. Very frenetic, very crazed and by the seat of his pants. It hasn't worked for him in the game, but will it work for him in this duel? Holy crap! As Ozzy gets to the very last turn, his ball falls through a hole and he has to start all over again.


Cochran is nearing the center now as Ozzy loses another ball. Ohhh...there it is, Cochran loses his ball and has to start over. They're neck and neck now both nearing the inner circle. Cochran actually gets to the center first, he just needs to put the ball on the divot to pull the ultimate upset. And with a quick jerk, the ball jumps the space and falls through a hole and with a nice easy touch, Ozzy lands his ball and wins another duel. Who would have imagined that it could have been that close? Before he heads out, Cochran actually has a very nice speech about his time in the game and he's actually very eloquent and likable. It makes me wonder where that personality was for the rest of the game. Had he shown THIS side of himself, maybe he would've had a better experience.

But before everyone leaves, Ozzy has a decision to make that will affect the rest of the players. Before he gets to that decision, Probst calls out the loved ones for everyone (except Ozzy). There are hugs and tears as they all reunite. There's also a very creepy butt grab from Rick to his wife. Um...really? Now that everyone has cried a little, it's time for Ozzy to make a decision. He has to pick someone to have more time with their loved one. He chooses Albert. He says sorry to the rest. "Don't be sorry yet." He has to choose another. He goes for Coach this time. And then he has to choose one more. Brandon. And that's it...everyone else has to head out. I can only assume that Ozzy sees Albert and then Coach as the leaders of this tribe and the most likely to pay him back for this visit. All three pairs and Ozzy will head back to Redemption Island for their visit. This leaves Edna, Moustache and Sophie to go back to camp. Hey's the time to do some working!

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