Survivor: South Pacific

Ticking Time Bomb

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 13, 2011

Unquestionably the most satisfying moment of the season.

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We come back from break and Sophie tells us that she is constantly surprised by how obnoxious Brandon is. She says it's a bullying thing to do. Rick tells us that HE didn't care for what Brandon did either. He says it's not right and unnecessary. Brandon tries to apologize to Edna, but he really should just leave well enough alone. This may be the most annoying conversation in the history of the show between two people that need to go as soon as possible. I stand corrected. Edna compares Brandon calling her out to a man eating his wife. THAT'S the most annoying conversation in the history of the show. At the 12th hour, Edna finally starts to scramble. She goes to Albert, Sophie and Coach and tries to get them to vote for Brandon. It's more of the same. Seriously, someone put her out of my misery. Coach tells us that she made a great argument for why to get rid of Brandon. He says that maybe Edna won't be going. She goes to him after and asks him what's up? Coach says they're worried about dumping Brandon and him coming back. She actually asks him to use his idol for her. He tells her not a chance. If he gives up the idol, he goes home next. He tells her to talk to Albert and Sophie and tell them that Coach is with her. So Edna goes to Albert and claims that Coach is 100% and she's so sure that she'd eat a piece of his *edited out*. I'm afraid to know what she said, but I think it rhymes with "pool". Albert tells us that Edna is making a very compelling argument for keeping her around and getting rid of Brandon. So as we head to Tribal, it appears to be between Brandon and Edna for who's going home tonight.


So Jeff starts out Tribal by asking Edna who she's targeted, since it's obvious that she's in the hot seat. She says she's been targeting Brandon as he hasn't been following the tribe mantra of "Honor, Loyalty and Integrity". She goes on about honor and integrity and it's more of the same. Brandon says that it would hurt his feelings if he gets voted out tonight. It also hurt his feelings that she has been running around talking about him all day too. Of course, what he says about her, in front of everyone...that's just being honest. Seriously, can we just get to the point where both of these bozos are gone? Sophie and Albert talk some more and then it's time to vote. Thank God. As expected, the votes come back 5-1 and Edna is sent to Redemption Island. And then there were five. (Or seven, if you count the Redemption Island people.) Before we get to scenes from next week, it probably should be mentioned that on Day One, Coach sat on the beach and told four strangers that a solid alliance of five could run the game all the way to the end. And against all odds, the five people that took part in that conversation are the ones heading back to camp. So for all the talk of loyalty and integrity, I think it should be noted that this alliance has shown just that. Sure, they picked up and dumped people along the way, but they’ve remained loyal to the group they pledged loyalty to from Day One. Even though Brandon has almost self destructed a half dozen times, they've kept the group together. Well done. Now dump his ass next week. Kthx!

Next time on Survivor: things appear to be breaking down between the final five. We see Rick and Albert going at it with Sophie trying to get a word in to calm it down. Albert tells us he doesn't care a thing about honor and integrity. And then the big tease...Edna may actually stand a chance against Ozzy. We see Sophie at RI saying, " way" as Edna seems to be WAY ahead of Ozzy in the duel. They didn't just show us Ozzy's demise on Redemption, did they? There's no way he can lose to her, is there? I guess we'll need to tune in next week to find out. Quick programming note: next week is Survivor Week. The normal show will air on Wednesday, with the finale and live reunion on Sunday. And I'll go ahead and suggest that if Whitney has managed to get divorced, Keith will propose at the live reunion. 'Til Wednesday, take care!

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