Survivor: South Pacific

Cut Throat

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

November 15, 2011

What can we do to make America hate us more?

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Jeff asks Coach if he agrees with the message of sending Cochran out. He says that if they vote out Cochran, it's telling people that if they stand up for themselves, they're gonna get screwed and he's not gonna do that. Ozzy has the last statement of this Tribal by saying that they should think about it. If he goes to Redemption, he'll only be feeding himself instead of 11. He'll put everything he has into the duels and eventually, they'll have to start voting each other out. And when that happens, he'll be at Redemption, he'll make them a nice fish dinner and then send them on their way.

And with that, it's time to vote. But first, Jim, are you going to keep the necklace? Yes. he is. As they vote, we only see two votes. We see Jim voting for Cochran, saying that he really just doesn't like him. And we see Cochran voting for Ozzy, saying that he tried to get him out several times so he doesn't feel it's inappropriate to vote him out now. Time to tally the votes. When all is said and done, Dawn and Whitney switch their votes and Ozzy is sent back to Redemption by a tally of 9-2.

On his way out, Ozzy tells us that he took some risks and they didn't pay off, but he plans to get to Redemption and as people come through, he's going to treat them nice and send them packing.


We come back from break to join Ozzy on Redemption Island. He's exploring the reef and it's absolutely beautiful. He comes up with about a 15 pound fish. He and Keith will be eating real good for as long as they're there. Ozzy tells us that he's glad to be at Redemption. As he wonders what the rest of the folks are eating, it's time for a...

Probst sighting! Today's challenge is a simple one. Each player will stand on a narrow beam, while balancing a ball on a wooden bow. At certain intervals, they will move to a narrower beam. Last person standing wins immunity. But there's a twist. If you are confident that you won't be voted out, you can skip the challenge and eat pastries and drink iced coffee. Everyone cheers or shows some reaction to the unveiling of the food, except Coach. Jeff asks him about it and he says that he's bummed because he wants to compete. "So compete," Jeff says.

Coach goes into a comment about how they're a family and they stick together. So, it looks like the entire Upolu tribe and Cochran will sit out the challenge, while Jim, Whitney and Dawn compete. Can I just say that I absolutely HATE this. First off, I think I've been pretty obviously Team Coach for this entire season, but I cannot stand when players take food over participating in a challenge. I think it's a slap in the face to the game and the players who are competing. Coach has been playing a very Boston Rob-ish game of Survivor thus far, but Rob would never have sat down and eaten instead of competing in a challenge at this stage. It really bums me out to see someone who talks about being a warrior sit out a challenge for some donuts.

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