Survivor: South Pacific

Cut Throat

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

November 15, 2011

What can we do to make America hate us more?

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Rick/Edna - 15-1. Despite getting votes last week, Rick is pretty much in the same position as he was before. I put Edna with him as she could be seen as the "weak player we drag to the final" for this season. If the big three falter, either one (or both) of these two could step in and possibly make a run to the end. Maybe then Rick will finally speak.

Brandon - 20-1. I still don't think Brandon has much of a chance to win this, but he is now in the power alliance in the game. And if they stay true to each other and Pagong the Savaiis, he will have earned his place in the top six. Things have been very quiet on the Brandon front recently, so it's hard to tell what everyone is thinking of him at this point. But my guess is, he'll still end up at the bottom of the Upolu totem pole when all is said and done.

Dawn - 25-1. Dawn can still make a run in this game. While I hated her change of heart once she had immunity around her neck, I still think she has the best chance of the Savaii to last in the game. She has the potential, I think, to win some challenges. She's shown a couple times that she will outlast anyone. What she needs is a break to go her way and a crack to form in the Upolu alliance.


Ozzy - 30-1. The chips are down for the Oz-meister, that's for sure. And while you have to think he'll be the biggest target of the former Savaii members, he's also the most likely to win immunity. And he's also the most likely to get sent to Redemption Island and then win his way back into the game...again. I think he has played such a dumb game that he can't possibly win it, but he does have that physical game that could manage to get him far.

Jim - 40-1. Jim is a savvy player. He's a poker player. He was all about the odds last week and was blown away that Cochran didn't agree with him that the odds were in their favor. Apparently, ANY chance to get voted out was enough to make Cochran flip. That being said, I have a feeling that Jim has the game to stick around for a while. I expect him to play the "I don't care when I go, as long as Cochran goes first" card to try to get himself a few more days in the game. It's because of this that I think he could potentially find a way to last a little longer.

Whitney - 50-1. Whitney is another player that I have very little to work with. She's done nothing really good and she hasn't done anything really bad. She's just there. She could end up being a casualty of Ozzy's immunity and Jim having better game than her. She's real hard to rank because I just don't have enough info.

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