Survivor: South Pacific

Cut Throat

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

November 15, 2011

What can we do to make America hate us more?

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Next up, we see Dawn inviting Coach into the shelter to have a rest. Apparently the merged tribe is living at the Savaii Beach and it doesn't sound as though the Upolus were invited to share the shelter. Dawn tells us that she knows how the game will go now, but figures she's farther down the chain and that being nice to the Upolus might work out well for her down the road. The next conversation we see is Whitney and Jim down in the water. He tells her that he knows he's the most hated of their tribe because he speaks his mind. They're still bitter about the Cochran thing.

As Ozzy joins them, Jim tells them he has an idea. He plans to give Ozzy the immunity necklace and then give a speech about how of the 11 people there, ten of them have played an honest solid game. But one of them has not. He feels that it could throw them off if their planned vote is changed and the last thing they hear is his rousing speech about how Cochran should go. Ozzy has a new lease on life, all of a sudden. He tells us that he believes that Jim really will give him the necklace and that he'll never give up.


We come back from break to Tribal Council. And let's be honest. All that matters here is if Jim's words have any effect on the Upolus? (it won't) And will he actually give the necklace to Ozzy? (I think he won't.) There's talk about Cochran's frosty reception back at camp. Cochran did speak very eloquently, though, about his decision to flip. He mentions again that he hasn't prepared to play this game for 11 years so he could have his fate decided by a rock. It's not how you play Survivor. He mentions that there's a reason no one's pulled a rock since Season 4. No one should want to play the game like that. And now it's time for Jim's big speech. Let's see how he does. He mentions how he had save Cochran at three Tribals and then Ozzy saved him by going to Redemption. He suggests that from what he's learned about the Upolus, none of them would let someone else fight their battles for them. And none of them would have made the move Cochran did.

There's discussion about how they picked on Cochran in which completely "villainizes" Whitney. Ozzy asks Cochran when he ever berated him or made him feel bad. Cochran comes back with trying to vote him out three times and rallying people to get rid of him based on his weakness. Must be fair enough, because Ozzy has nothing else to say. Jim continues his speech by saying that he's thinking of giving his necklace to Ozzy. He says that Upolu talks about honor and loyalty and this is their chance to stand up and show all Survivor players past, present and future that this game can be played with integrity and honor by voting out the only one of the 11 of them that hasn't stood by his tribe. He talks about his warrior spirit in an attempt to get Coach's ear - which, Coach admits, he did.

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