Survivor: South Pacific

Trojan Horse

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 27, 2011

This makes me hate that little Hantz punk all the more.

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As they arrive at Tribal, Jeff starts with Ozzy, asking him about the emotion after the loss and whether or not fingers were pointed back at camp. He says there was a lot of finger pointing at Cochran. Cochran says that the rope was tangled up and he had no idea how to untangle it quickly. He says this was a heartbreaking thing for him because he feels very sure that the merge will be happening tomorrow. He says that he hopes Redemption Island will be able to help keep the tribes even. Dawn and Ozzy echo that sentiment. Jeff asks what sense it makes for everyone to sit there pointing their fingers at Cochran as the weak link and then expect him to come back from Redemption and rejoin their tribe. What makes them think he would lay his life on the line for the tribe? Ozzy's reply, "Thing about it is, Jeff, I'm putting MY life on the line." It was a split second, but I swear to you that Jeff actually got excited at this news. He asks for clarification.

Ozzy tells him that he feels that he has a chance for his own redemption from the last time he played. He didn't listen to his heart and his gut last time, but this time, he will. He feels this is the ballsiest move he can make and play the craziest game possible. He also tells Jeff that he has the immunity idol. He plans to give the idol up and he plans to tell Christine that Cochran found the idol, played it and dumped Ozzy. Which is really pretty smart. If he does it in the arena, then word can get back to Upolu that not only did Ozzy get voted out, but Cochran is a double agent AND they no longer have an idol, because it was played. This could be a brilliant plan for the entire Savaii tribe. Jeff has to break up those thoughts with one simple question, "What if we don't merge tomorrow?" Ozzy says that is a possibility, but at least he'll have gone out on his terms. This is something he wasn't able to do last time.


Jeff also suggests, "What if you don't win the duel? Then you go out a bigger fool than last time." All Ozzy can say to that is, "Yeah." Jeff then asks Keith about any opposition to this idea. He says that he was the most against it. He feels it's time for Cochran to redeem himself. Whitney is scared of facing another challenge without Ozzy. Jim says the worst case scenario is that Ozzy loses the duel and they have to go five against Upolu's six. And with that, it's time to vote.

As the tribe votes, the only vote we see is Cochran's vote for Ozzy. He says that in 22 seasons of Survivor, he's never seen ANYthing like this and he's thrilled to be a part of it. I'll go tally the votes. Jeff asks about the hidden immunity idol. Ozzy speaks up, "Um...I think I changed my mind. I think I'm gonna let Cochran go to Redemption. *long pause* Just kidding." And then he hands over the idol to Cochran and tells him that he expects it back when he gets back in the game. There isn't much suspense anymore and Jeff reads off four votes for Ozzy and it's official. Ozzy just pulled off one of the gutsiest, potentially stupidest things ever on Survivor. I've been real hard on Ozzy this season as I really feel like he's a little too full of himself. However, I LOVE this plan. As a viewer and a fan of the show, I think this is the best thing ever and I can't wait for next week to see how it plays out. As a strategist, I think there are too many "what ifs" for me, but since I'm not a Savaii tribe member, I couldn't be happier with this turn of events and I hope it works out for Ozzy.

Next time on Survivor: Looks like Ozzy and Christine will duel in one of those "assemble a long stick and retrieve a set of keys" challenges. This should be a good one for Ozzy as he's very fast and very smart with this kind of thing. If he pulls off the win, the preview suggests that his next concern will be in Cochran stays loyal. I actually think he will, but they have to have a little drama, right? Thanks for hanging out with me tonight and I look forward to doing it again next week. Take care!

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