Survivor: South Pacific

Trojan Horse

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 27, 2011

This makes me hate that little Hantz punk all the more.

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We come back from break as the victors head off to the theater. They chow down and enjoy their movie. We see some clips and the name of the film is all over the place. I wonder how much something like this costs? But I digress. The tribe is thrilled to be sharing this reward and they feel like a family and they feel that they will be able to stick together and play the second half of this game as a unified tribe.

Back at Savaii, Ozzy's temper tantrum isn't done. He continues on about how Cochran cost them the challenge. Cochran admits that he's been crying like a baby all the way back, so if they want to vent at him, go ahead. Then comes the discussion about who goes to Redemption. Ozzy basically says that since Cochran lost the challenge, he should pay the price. He actually agrees. He says he cost them the challenge and he should be held responsible. Ozzy tells us that he's worried about Cochran going to Redemption and his chances to beat Christine.


The tribe then sits around and tries to pump Cochran up to be ready to go into Redemption and win this duel. He's not buying it, but they're really laying it on thick, telling him how he could beat Christine in any of the duels they've seen. He's absolutely terrified of going to Redemption, but he's pretty well resigned to the fact that he's made his bed and now he has to lie in it. On a side note here...I'm curious, has there ever been a more inept player in the history of Survivor than Cochran? I mean, he's kinda funny and I appreciate his fandom...but I can't recall seeing a player play a worse game in all facets. How he's still there is starting to blow my mind.

We rejoin Savaii in the late night hours. Ozzy is having trouble sleeping. He's all over the place and come morning time, he seems to have a new look in his eyes. We join him heading out in the woods to go get his hidden idol. He tells us that he had some crazy dreams about doing what he said he was going to do originally. He just wonders now if the tribe will go along with the idea to vote him off. As he comes into camp with his idol, everyone checks it out and he tells Cochran that he can have it and breaks the news that he thinks he should go to Redemption. Cochran tells them that he feels he should be voted out because of the challenge, but he doesn't think he can beat Christine. The tribe is not really thrilled about Ozzy's plan.

Keith is the most concerned. He feels Cochran should deal with his own actions. At the same time, Keith is worried that all of this is based on the assumption that the tribes will merge soon. If they don't merge, then they're down their strongest player in the next challenge. Jim tells us that going into a challenge with Dawn and Cochran as the third and fourth guy scares the crap out of him.

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