Survivor: South Pacific

Trojan Horse

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 27, 2011

This makes me hate that little Hantz punk all the more.

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They make a quick detour to grab the idol and come back to tribe with all of the good news. First off, they "found" the idol! Second, they have some really cool Tree Mail. Brandon is EXCITED about finding the idol. And since they found the idol 5 minutes after praying for it, he's is thrilled to have the "big guy" on his tribe. I just wonder how he's feeling about all that now that he's watching the episodes back. Hmmm...

Probst sighting! As the tribes come in all painted up, Jeff lets them know immunity is up for grabs as well as a sneak peak of a new film arriving in theaters shortly. They'll have their fill of all kinds of theater type snacks and a night out of the game. Because product placement pisses me off, I refuse to say what movie they'll be seeing. I understand why they have it on the show, but since BOP ain't getting paid, I ain't pimping nobody's movie. Anyway, tonight's challenge is an interesting one. Two sets of twins will be blindfolded and will take turns being tethered to a rope and guided through an obstacle course by the other set of twins. They'll pick up a bag on the way and then come back. Once the team has all four bags, the returning set of twins will need to pair up 4 sets of tiki masks, by feel only. For Upolu, Coach and Rick will be the guides while Jim and Cochran will be the guides for Savaii. Let's get it on.


Upolu jumps out to a fast lead, as Keith has trouble maneuvering the course. Savaii does catch up and eventually takes the lead, somewhere around the third bag. But when the team gets back, Cochran has trouble unhooking one set from the ropes and getting the other team hooked up. As Jim comes down to help untangle them, Upolu takes a huge lead. As they go, Probst is all over Cochran for messing this challenge up. Meanwhile, Albert is having trouble untying the fourth bag and Ozzy catches up. Unfortunately, on the way back, the ropes are still tangled and Ozzy and Whitney lose a ton of time to Albert and Sophie. Albert and Sophie get back to work on the puzzle, while Ozzy has to unhook and rehook his ropes.

Reverend Coach feels the need to say a little prayer as the challenge finishes up and promises they'll all get on their knees if they win. And what do you know? Upolu wins and Coach forces everyone to get on their knees to give thanks. As Upolu prays (really? REALLY???), Ozzy is having a huge tantrum on the other side. Slamming things, punching things, kicking the wall and screaming. Safe to say he is PISSED! Jeff asks him about this and he says he is thoroughly frustrated and the person hooking the ropes completely messed it up. Cochran looks like he wants to go hide somewhere. As the tribes leave, he tells us that he's worried that Ozzy's deal to go to Redemption is out the window.

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