Survivor: South Pacific

Trojan Horse

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 27, 2011

This makes me hate that little Hantz punk all the more.

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Mikayla - 100-1. We've spent an awful lot of time on Mikayla this season. She's been the focal point of a few episodes. I just can't see her going to Redemption Island and not winning. She is stronger than Christine, but strength is not usually one of the requirements for a Redemption Island duel. Either way, though, I think Mikayla has what it takes to win and I think at this point, her desire for vengeance will be greater than Christine's.

Christine - One million-1. I know I've said it before, but I really think this will be Christine's swan song tonight. She's starting to break down and, I think, against a strong competitor like Mikayla; that will be enough to swing the edge out of Christine's favor. She's had a great run on Redemption Island. Unfortunately, she won't have done quite enough to get herself out of the back row of the Reunion Show.

We join the show as the Upolu tribe comes back to camp. Edna is pretty bummed to be voted for every time they go to Tribal. But she feels that Brandon is becoming such a liability that she may last even longer. Coach and Mustache are talking it out as well. Coach seems to think they can keep Brandon under control. But he tells us, as he spoils Of Mice and Men, that he may just have to put a bullet in Brandon's head.

We come back from the credits straight to Redemption Island. Ozzy, Cochran, Albert and Sophie are there to witness the duel between Christine and Mikayla. This duel is a tough one, I think. Each player has a crate. They need to remove the planks that make the sides of the crate. Those planks will then need to be placed to create a bridge, which is a puzzle in and of itself. Once they cross the bridge, they need to use some of the planks to put together another puzzle.


As they start off, Christine jumps to an early lead by deconstructing the crate very fast. As they cross the bridge, Albert is in the stands helping out Mikayla. Christine crosses her bridge first and begins work on her puzzle. Mikayla quickly makes up time, though, and the duel becomes neck and neck. Real quick, Mikayla calls Jeff over and...she's wrong! This is all the time Christine needs to finish her fifth duel and dispatch yet another player.! I really thought this would be Mikayla's challenge. But once again, Christine has proven me wrong. As the other players leave Redemption Island, Ozzy tells us that Christine is on a hot streak and with the merge looming, where Christine would choose to go could be huge. He tells us that if his tribe were to lose the next challenge, it might be in their best interest to send someone like him to Redemption to knock Christine out, get back in the game and keep the tribes even when they merge. Hmmm...that's crazy! So crazy, it just might work.

We come back from break to Ozzy stopping Cochran for a little chat before they return to camp. He tells Cochran everything he's thinking about Christine and Redemption Island. He tells Cochran that he thinks he should go. He plans to give the idol to someone before he leaves and hope the person gives it back when he gets back in the game. Cochran is THRILLED with this idea. Whether it works or not, he won't have to go to Redemption. He's also feeling weird that Ozzy has gone from the "free agent" to someone ready to fall on the sword for his tribe.

Over at Upolu, it's time for some Coach-chi. We join Coach doing his thing and praying for something to pick his tribe back up. He feels like the only thing to boost their spirit right now is to "find" the idol and share it with the tribe. Um...okay. So he heads back to the rest of the tribe, he gives them a pick up speech and they all get together to pray to find the idol and win the challenge. Coach and Brandon lead the prayers and then they head out to find the idol. Sophie is a little weirded out by Coach asking God for the idol when he knows that he already has it. As everyone heads out to search, Coach and Sophie head out to get the real idol. And on their way, they happen by Tree Mail and there's a huge package and a couple notes for them. The notes suggest that they will all need to paint themselves in warrior paint as sets of twins.

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