Survivor: South Pacific

Free Agent

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 25, 2011

Soon to be seen co-starring in an Ozzy sex tape!

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to another thrilling edition of Survivor: South Pacific. When last we hung out, things were not looking so good for Ozzy. The nerd and the old lady had teamed up with #5 (Jim) to vote out Ozzy's South Pacific girlfriend. I'd say "Survivor girlfriend," but Ozzy has a different one every season he plays. Keith and Whitney played the ultimate coward move by throwing away their votes on Dawn, allowing their alliance-mate Elyse to take the long walk to Redemption Island. Oh yeah, and Coach, Albert and Sophie have an idol and Brandon cried some more. I'm pretty sure I actually heard Rick speak last week too. It was only a couple words, but they were there, I'm sure of it.

This week's episode promises to be a whole lot of Ozzy. Ozzy bitching, Ozzy whining, Ozzy complaining and hopefully, Ozzy going home. Either way, though, he's pissed and will be declaring himself a free agent. And what better strategy in a game like Survivor, then to declare yourself as someone who will go to whatever side he feels like going to? How did this former hero become so annoying? My thought is that he believed a little too much of his own hype. Anyway, it does promise to be an explosive episode, so let's get to the Power Rankings so we can get to the show!

Coach - 4-1. Coach stays on top this week. He's the top dog in the power alliance on what seems to be the power tribe. He also has an idol that he plans to share with his alliance to get them all further in the game. Right now, and it's VERY early, this is Coach's game to lose.


Albert/Sophie - 8-1. The other two power players on Upolu move up in the rankings, but they still can't be separated. They all seem to be working together here, so neither Albert nor Sophie seem to have the upper hand on the other one. I know it's crazy unlikely with this much game to play, but seeing these two and Coach in the Final 3 wouldn't surprise me.

Jim - 10-1. Jim has set himself up pretty nicely over at Savaii. He orchestrated the big move to dump Elyse and he has himself in the position to either stick with Dawn and Johnny Cochs or stick with Keith and Whitney (not smart) and be part of a strong three person alliance within his tribe. They need to "just win, baby," though, if he wants to have a decent shot at making it to the end.

Ozzy - 15-1. While things are looking grim for Ozzy right now, he still has the potential to be in a good place, if he puts his ego aside. Having the idol could totally sway power back to him, if he hooks back up with Keith and Whitney and surprises Jim (or Cochran) at the next Tribal. Then he's in the power three person alliance, with the numbers. My concern here is that Ozzy has not shown himself to be smart enough to plan ahead like that.

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