Survivor: South Pacific

Free Agent

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 25, 2011

Soon to be seen co-starring in an Ozzy sex tape!

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We come back from break to the Savaii tribe the next morning and Ozzy is out fishing. After getting a good night's sleep, he's still crying about the Elyse vote. He seems to be playing the "you'd better trust me or I won't feed you" card. The rest of the tribe is sitting around talking about what a crybaby Ozzy is. Dawn, Jim, Keith and Whitney all take shots at him, but it's Cochran that takes the biggest shot, "In all seriousness, he's just behaving like a stupid bitch." THAT'S what I'm talking about!

With Ozzy pouting on the beach, we head to check in with Upolu for breakfast. Coach is feeling pretty good with the numbers, a strong alliance and the hidden idol. He tells us that he's still hiding it from Brandon as he's worried that Brandon could freak out and tell everyone. Which is the lead in to Brandon searching for the hidden idol clue. Of course, he finds it. Must be in the blood, or something. Brandon is pumped to have the clue and he shares it with Albert and Coach. This, of course, leads Coach into a "grey area" as he promised Brandon that he'd play the game with him as Christian (drink) men, but he's not telling him about the idol, so he's actually breaking one of his own cardinal rules of the game. Personally, I think he could just start searching based on the clues Brandon read and "find" it again, share it with Brandon and hope that works out for him.

Anyway, what comes next is Brandon searching everywhere for the idol. Hell, he's so Hantz-like that the ghost of Russell shows up on the beach walking with him. Albert and Coach are afraid now that if they tell him they have the idol, he'll freak out that they hid it from him. Brandon even asks them if they think someone else may have found it. Coach is really torn on this one as he wants to play honorably, but Brandon is so channeled into Russell-mode right now that he's afraid to trust him with anything.


This leads us into a Redemption Island duel. Today's duel is a classic Survivor Shuffleboard challenge. I hate the shuffleboard challenges. They're boring as hell and they don't film well. There are a few highlights, but not big ones. Right off the bat, Elyse wins the toss to see who goes first and she chooses Christine. Christine, not wanting to go first, misses the pile seemingly on purpose. During the challenge, at some point, Rick is trying to cheer Christine on, and she gives him the ole "scratch my nose with the middle finger" move. Since you can't really see what's going on, I'll just take Jeff's word for it.

When all the pucks are slid, Christine emerges victorious for the fourth time. As expected, Elyse has to throw her buff in the fire and leave the game with dreams of Ozzy dancing in her head. By the way, Survivor producers...would you stop it with the crescendo-ing music right as someone is about to win a challenge. It kinda kills the suspense when we can close our eyes and just wait for the music and know who's gonna win.

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