Survivor: South Pacific

Free Agent

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 25, 2011

Soon to be seen co-starring in an Ozzy sex tape!

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Albert tries to explain that it's a matter of opinion, not loyalty, but Brandon's on a roll, so we'll just let him finish up. "Vote me out today if we're gonna play disloyal." He goes on to say that he wants to keep Mikayla in this tribe, but he gave his word that he wouldn't vote out Edna and he is sticking to his word. Jeff finally gets to call him on the whole "vote me out" thing. He tells Coach to explain to Brandon why you don't want to say things like that. Coach says that there is a point of being too honest and that sometimes you don't want to share everything and it doesn't mean you're being dishonest. Brandon goes on about cigarettes, games, marijuana and lasciviousness and thankfully, Jeff asks them to vote.

We get to see Brandon's vote for Mikayla, Mikayla's vote for Edna, Albert's vote for Edna and Edna's vote for Mikayla. I'll give her some props for her comment, "I hope your time here helps your future modeling career." Heee...nice parting shot, Edna. And with that, let's tally Rick's vote.


As we expect, it comes down to a 3-3 tie with one vote remaining. And the cowboy casts his vote for... drum roll please... Mikayla. And Coach comes away with the victory in the first Tribal death match. It'll be very interesting to see how this affects the tribe moving forward. On the plus side, Mikayla heading to Redemption should finally end Christine's reign there. So we have that going for us.

Next time on Survivor: Ozzy is still talking about Redemption as an option. Coach is talking about putting a bullet in Brandon's head, if he has to. And the next challenge looks like a tough one that will come down to the wire. As we get closer and closer to the merge, I really think the players are doing a good job of getting rid of the bad television, which should make the stretch run of Survivor: South Pacific a fun ride. Til next week, take care.

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