Survivor: South Pacific

Free Agent

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 25, 2011

Soon to be seen co-starring in an Ozzy sex tape!

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We come back from break and Sophie tells us about the Redemption Island duel and how Christine is still pissed off at her tribe. Rick tells the group about the finger and then in a bit of foreshadowing (maybe), Sophie tells us how Christine would be the worst person to come back from Redemption. Next up is a scene of Edna cozying up to Coach to try to weasel her way into the main alliance. Coach tells us that he really feels comfortable with Edna. Essentially, he sees her as a loyal soldier and a vote in his pocket. He tells us that he wants to see Mikayla go before Edna and everyone knows it's because he sees her as a pawn in his endgame.

Over at Savaii, after several hours of stewing, Ozzy finally calms down and comes back to the tribe. He tells us he made a mistake and then goes to Keith to try to reset their alliance. It's about now that Ozzy realizes that telling about the idol wasn't a very good move on his part. He calls the rest of the tribe together to apologize to them and tell them that he wants to be part of the team and that's why he told them about the idol. Um, I guess. Whatever makes you sleep better at night, Oz. Jim tells us about Ozzy's tantrum and his apology and says that Ozzy is the perfect player for him right now. He'll help you win challenges before the merge and after the merge, he's a bigger threat than you. So he's loving the new Ozzy in the tribe.

We come back from break to a Probst sighting!!! Today's immunity challenge is a good one. Both tribes will choose three people to assemble a wheelbarrow. They'll maneuver it through an obstacle course, picking up two loads of coconuts along the way. Once filled, they will dump all the coconuts into a bin. The rest of the tribe will then take the wheelbarrow apart and use the pieces to assemble a giant slingshot. They'll use that slingshot to shoot coconuts at several targets. First tribe to knock down all the targets wins immunity and a reward to the slippery rocks waterfall place.


Dawn, Ozzy and Cochran work the wheelbarrow for Savaii and they are NOT having a good time with it. After sitting out Edna, Rick, Brandon and Sophie breeze through the obstacle course and turn it over to Coach, Albert and Mikayla. Ozzy and Cochran are STILL having trouble. Albert hits the first target for Upolu as Savaii FINALLY gets their coconuts to their trough. Keith scores for Savaii while Mikayla is only shooting with one hand and not even getting close to the targets. Coach tells her at least three times to use two hands or stop shooting. She refuses to stop or to use both hands and she continues to not even get close.

Albert has knocked down two more targets as this goes on, but Savaii has come back to tie the game. Jim and Keith each hit another one and take a 5-3 lead, with only one target remaining. Jim loads up one more coconut and score the huge comeback win for Savaii. I'm pretty sure I saw actual steam coming out of Coach's ears after this loss. What are the chances that's headed toward Mikayla? I'd say they're pretty frickin' good. As they head back to camp, Coach tells us that Mikayla has to go as she's not listening and being a team player.

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