Survivor: South Pacific

Reap What You Sow

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 3, 2011

Savvy viewers will notice that this is the same photo as previously posted. She sucks that much.

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Hello, good people. Van Nest back with you for what is sure to be the most exciting episode of this young season of Survivor. After removing the two most annoying people in the game in the first two of them will take the walk of shame to Loser's Lodge tonight. And I, for one, can't wait. But first...

Last time on Survivor: Ozzy found an idol, Cochran channeled the honey badger, Coach had his pieces-parts pixilated and Brandon actually out-creeped his uncle. And despite all of Brandon's talk about getting rid of that evil temptress, Mikayla, she received no votes and "temporary player" Christine was put out of my misery and sent to Redemption Island, where she'll square off in a duel with heartbroken Semhar.

Before we get into this week's episode, it's time to bring back everyone's favorite feature, the Survivor Power Rankings. This is where I, the analyst, tell you, the reader which players are trending up and which ones are on their way out. As with the beginning of every season, I will lump several players together until they do something to separate themselves.

Ozzy - 4-1. Do I think Ozzy will win this game? No, I do not. He's simply not a savvy enough player to win this game. However, he is in the power alliance in his tribe and does have an immunity idol, so he is in the best position at these early stages.


Coach - 8-1. Do I think Coach will win this game? No, I do not. Much to my surprise, though, Coach has made all the right moves thus far in the game. He managed to work his way into the tribe's good graces by being a mentor as they set up camp. And then at night, he managed to bond with four others to form the power alliance in his tribe. And after one
vote, Coach wanted Christine gone and she's gone.

Keith/Jim/Albert/Rick/Sophia - 12-1. The other players in the power alliances have done very little to set themselves apart yet. Jim thinks he's the puppet master, but Keith and Ozzy had his plan just a little earlier than he did. Albert, Rick and Sophia are the power players with Coach and none of them has stepped up to earn their own personal Power Ranking just yet.

Whitney/Elise/Mikayla/Edna - 15-1. Whitney and Elise are the "+2" in Jim's "3+2" strategy. But something tells me they won't be the "+2" for long. As long as Ozzy still likes boobs, they have a shot in this game. Mikayla and Edna are on the outside of the main alliance at Upolu, but Brandon could be on his way out and either girl could step in. The fact that Edna has a side alliance with Coach right now could end up keeping her around a lot longer than she deserves.

Johnny Cochs - 20-1. I don't have high hopes for the player formerly known as Cochran at this point, but he's done enough that I think he'll be able to outlast the other Savaii misfits, Papa Bear and Dawn. The best bet for Johnny Cochs (thank you Rob and Nicole Cesternino...I plan to steal this for the rest of the season) is to shut up and get to work. The less attention he draws to himself, the better he'll be. I just don't think he can do it.

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