Survivor: South Pacific

Reap What You Sow

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 3, 2011

Savvy viewers will notice that this is the same photo as previously posted. She sucks that much.

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Next thing we see is Brandon talking to Coach and while Coach tells him that everything's cool with them, he tells us that he thinks it was a huge mistake, but it's a sign of his age. Coach feels Brandon is a valuable part of his alliance but he doesn't trust him as much as before. If you were paying attention, I think you did two more shots during those 60 seconds.

Thankfully for all of us, we take a quick jaunt over to Savaii, where Ozzy has brought in the catch of the day. Papa Bear tells us how great camp life is and how everyone gets along, but there is a pecking order. And he, Johnny Cochs and Dawn are on the outs. Ozzy confirms this to us, but insists that Keith is his Grant for this year. With that in mind, he feels like he should share his biggest secret with his #2. He tells Keith he has the idol. And as Ozzy is feeling good about showing Keith his absolute trust, Keith is already on his way to go tell Whitney. Keith tells us that having the idol gives Ozzy all the power. He said he told Whitney because he may need her trust and vote down the road if Ozzy tries to make a move. This concludes our Savaii viewing for a while. We now return you to Upolu for our continuing coverage of "Creepy Stalker Guy."

We join Creepy Stalker Guy as the object of his lust approaches him and asks him what the problem is. He admits to her that he doesn't like her. He really can't come up with a reason for his seething ball of hate, but tells her that other people don't trust her either. And what better way to tackle this situation then to call another Tribal meeting. He calls her out about having no alliance and then utters the best line of the entire series so far, "Just keep me out of the drama." This kid can't be for real, can he? Oh, by the way, you probably should have had three more shots or so there. Anyway, Sophie tells us that she has NO idea what this kid is doing and that he seems to be conflicted between his crazy religious beliefs and the fact that he is inherently a devious jerk.


Cut to the sad piano music and Mikayla is on the beach crying. Brandon is upset that he didn't control his temper. He tells us of the constant battle in his life between good and evil. Seriously, they need to get this dude off the show. He is a ticking time bomb and I'm beginning to feel a bit scared for some people's safety out there. While he keeps saying he doesn't want to be bad and he doesn't want to sin anymore, he can't seem to open his mouth or have a thought with it. Can we move on to something less crazy?

Sweet...Coach and Sophie are talking on the beach. Coach says you can't just call something out like that. It spooks your own alliance, your tribe and Mikayla specifically. He says that it's not the same type of aggression that Russell had, but it's an aggression nonetheless. He tells Sophie that he hates to say it, but he sees a little of Russell in him. Okay, while we go to commercial, can I just say that I. DON'T. WANT. ANOTHER. SEASON. ABOUT. FRICKIN'. RUSSELL!! He's already dominated this show for the last two years. Does he really have to dominate yet another season - and one he's not even on?!?! Seriously, I'm about ready to punch Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst in their giblets for this one.

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