Survivor: South Pacific

Reap What You Sow

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 3, 2011

Savvy viewers will notice that this is the same photo as previously posted. She sucks that much.

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Oh, thank God (have a shot), we come back from break to a Probst sighting and the immunity challenge for the day. Today's challenge is a three-parter. The first part will see tribe members running out into the water on some flimsy platforms carrying a body board attached to a long rope. They will race out to grab a puzzle bag and then the rest of the tribe will pull them back using a giant wench. Once the tribe has retrieved all five puzzle bags, part two begins. Another tribe member will be on a huge platform where they will drop a grappling hook down to grab all five puzzle bags. Once they have all five puzzle bags on the platform, they will open them up and place puzzle banners on the wall. The first tribe to have their puzzle banner in order to show the tribe flag wins immunity as well as a bunch of tasty food stuff.

The challenge begins with Brandon and Ozzy starting for their respective teams. In a shocker, Brandon smokes Ozzy. Mostly because Ozzy's teammates allowed his rope to get tangled, but still, Brandon was pretty stud during his leg and he's back first with the first bag. Enter unlikely challenge hero #2, Dawn, who absolutely kills it and actually passes up Albert. As it plays out though, the tribes pretty well stay even up until the fifth bag where Ozzy and Albert are on the course together. As they're being pulled back, the board is pulled out of Ozzy's hand which gives Albert a bit of a lead as he gets back with the fifth bag. And now, it's Coach time. Maybe it happened on the Amazon or on one of his other adventures, but Coach is apparently a grappling hook master. He takes on the task of getting all the bags and has all five bags up to his platform before Whitney and Elise can even get their fourth bag up there. This being a 5-piece puzzle makes the end a bit anti-climactic as Coach and Edna just rearrange the five pieces to complete their flag and Upolu wins easily.


And now it's time to play it's anyone but Papa Bear! Ozzy tells us that for the vote tonight, it has to be to keep the tribe stronger in challenges and Dawn kicked butt, so it's between Papa Bear and Johnny Cochs. We join them as they discuss how they're both on the block and they don't get how it ended up that way. They feel like they're on a Barbie and Ken tribe and they just don't fit in. We join the Ozzy alliance as they decide that it's Papa Bear's time to go. They decide to tell Papa Bear that it's Johnny Cochs. Johnny isn't too thrilled to hear that his name is coming up again, and he feels like he might need to do some scrambling. He admits, though, that part of what got him in trouble last time was the scrambling he did, so he's not sure what to do. Ozzy tells Papa bear that it's Johnny Cochs, but he ain't buying it. He knows it's him, so he does what anyone else would do, goes out to search for the immunity idol.

Of course, there is no idol to be found. He is seen by Elise, which then cause some folks to go spy on him. They do see him digging all over the place. After searching for a long time, he decides to just pretend like he found it, in hopes that people will switch their votes to Johnny Cochs. Of course, he plays it up WAY big. To quote Johnny, "...waltzing into camp with a big smile on his face and an extra large bulge in his underpants." He goes right up to Jim and tells him that he found the idol, which has Jim thinking maybe they should switch their vote. Of course, Ozzy is chuckling at all of this nonsense, since he has the idol. John, however, is very concerned, his logic being that what would it hurt them to just switch their vote just in case. They could still vote off Papa Bear next.

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