Survivor: South Pacific

Reap What You Sow

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 3, 2011

Savvy viewers will notice that this is the same photo as previously posted. She sucks that much.

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Today...each person will hold. A totem...on top of a pole. They will try...with all their might. To use their balance...and hold it right. As time goes their pole they'll add. Some extra length...that could make it bad. Should they lose their focus...or simply grow weary. Their totem could topple...and they may get teary. So they must stay alert...and not grow tired. Lest they be throw their buff in the fire.

Do you like it? least MY spoken word to lead into this challenge had something to do with the game. I think everyone was pretty shocked to see Semhar actually delay the challenge so she could recite something about getting nekkid and dancing for a dude and giving birth to his ten children with no drugs. Wait...make that 11. For real, Coach was in the stands rolling his eyes. I know, right? COACH! He who was captured by pygmies. That says something when you can even make the dragon-slayer roll his eyes. Somewhere, Jessum Herring is rolling over in his grave.

Anyway, the challenge finally gets going and after adding three or four poles to the length, Semhar's lack of concentration sends her totem tumbling to the ground, making her the first person to exit the game...and leaving Christine in the game. As Semhar prepares to leave, she may have just saved a kitten from getting punched. Once again she complains about how cruel people could be to vote her out of the game. Um, what in the blue hell did you think you were signing up for??? To his credit, Jeff does ask her why she sought out this game. Either way, I'm glad she's gone. But next week, if Christine doesn't go home...the kitten's getting it.


We come back from break to the Upolu tribe and once again, Brandon is whining. Okay, for you drinkers out there, if you want to have some fun, here's a drinking game for you. Every time Brandon says God, Christian, Russell or uncle. Do a shot. I guarantee, you won't make it to Tribal Council. Anyway, God (*drink*) has been chastising Brandon for lying. He feels terrible about it and he doesn't want to lie anymore. Aw it comes. So everyone at the beach is around and Brandon removes his shirt and confesses to being Russell's (*drink*) nephew. "Blam!" You may not know it, but Stacey is like the sound effect track from the old Batman TV series. Things like "Blam!" are complete thoughts to her. Hopefully she'll stick around a while to continue to put the exclamation point on the tribal goings-on.

Sorry, I get off track. Back to Brandon's huge revelation. He apologizes to them for lying and he accepts the consequences of what he did. Mikayla seems to think that Brandon is using the whole "I don't want to lie" as a crutch to excuse his actual lying. Pretty much the way some people will use Confession and Forgiveness as a method to allow them to continue sinning, if you will. Brandon loves God (*drink*), Jesus Christ (*drink*) and he's a different person than his uncle (*drink*). See what I mean? I'm drunk already!

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