Survivor: Redemption Island

It Don't Take A Smart One

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 31, 2011

But Russell promised we'd win! And if you can't trust Russell, then who?

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Hello, good people! Here we are, together again for another amazing episode of Survivor: The Phil and Rob Island. When last we were together, Rob's Ometepe tribe was on a nice little winning streak, Phillip is sick of lazy chicks AND he seems to be having trust issues with The Mentalist and the Assassin (aka Rob and Grant), Matt is a Redemption Island stud (you should SEE his collection of Bibles) and the last of Russell's alliance, Stephanie, took the walk of shame to Redemption Island. Also in this episode, David made a huge plea to stay as a solo entry in the BOP Power Rankings by trying to take our Sarita.

Teased in promos and commercials, David seems to have replaced the Russell alliance as public enemy #1 at Team Purple. And Phillip has had enough of Rob and looks to be making a move to oust the Robfather. Yeah Phil, good luck with that. Let's get to this week's Rankings.

Rob - 3-1
There's no reason to make a change at the top. After last week's episode, the tribes are even in numbers. When you mix in the fact that both Matt and Stephanie have vowed to come back and join Rob's alliance, he actually has the numbers advantage right now - and a hidden idol that no one else knows about. At this point, it will take a move of idiotic proportions (like screwing up a split vote - right, Tyson?) to derail Rob.

Grant - 6-1
Grant is still Rob's main man as evidenced by the fact that they are still conspiring to find the hidden idol that is no longer hidden. Also, Grant stepped up huge in the challenge and has made it pretty well known that he's a force to be reckoned with in challenges. Sure, everyone saw it and he'll have a huge target on his back come merge-time...but will anyone be able to actually beat him?


Ralph - 10-1
I don't think much of Ralph as a player, but he is in the core alliance on Zapatera and he does still hold an idol. Granted, everyone knows about it, but it does guarantee him life in the game. Supposing he's smart enough to know when to play it. Also, he can't seriously think he's spelling people's names right, can he? I mean come're not even frickin' close, Ralph.

Natalie/Andrea - 12-1
Despite almost leaving the Ometepe alliance, I think Andrea is right back in it. And if not, she's got a side deal with Phillip to kinda hedge her bets. Natalie, however, is a clear #3 with Ron and Grant. I could easily see her being the "you did nothing but ride Rob's coattails" final three player. As more people go home, I'm sure these girls will begin to separate themselves and get their own Power Ranking slot. Until then though, they stick together.

Julie/Steve/Mike - 20-1
These three are Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Marine, in that order. Julie's the only one of the three that has shown the propensity for rational thought...yet she keeps holding serve with the rest of the alliance. The scary thing is that their absolute blind loyalty - with no regard for actual game play - could actually work out for them if they get a couple breaks before the merge.

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