Survivor: Redemption Island

It Don't Take A Smart One

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 31, 2011

But Russell promised we'd win! And if you can't trust Russell, then who?

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Probst sighting!! Today's challenge appears to be a very physical obstacle course. All of the players on both tribes will have to compete. They'll clear an obstacle, then retrieve a bag of balls. Once the tribe has all three bags and finished the last obstacle, they have to shoot their six balls into a very tall and very small basket. First tribe to sink all six wins immunity and a picnic lunch.

The tribes are even at the first bag of balls. Sarita has trouble, while Rob speeds through it and opens a huge lead. Phillip has trouble on the next obstacle, which allows Zapatera to catch back up. With Dave working on the second bag of balls, he passes up Rob and Zapatera now opens up a lead. Phillip slows them down on the next obstacle but Dave has trouble with the third bag and Ometepe cuts into the Zapatera lead. As the tribes bust through the brick walls, Zapatera still holds a small lead as we get to the shooting portion of the challenge. Sarita really slows down Zapatera as she can't get a bag untied. Grant sinks two balls quick to grab a lead. Zapatera finally gets something going and all of a sudden it's 5-3. Then Grant takes over and sinks three unanswered shots and Ometepe wins again. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Grant made all six baskets for Ometepe. Um, guys, we might want to start looking at Grant as a threat. Just sayin'. As the helicopter flies in to pick them up, Phillip leaves us with these words of wisdom, "Some tribes advance boldly. Weak tribes grow agitated. But superior tribes, like ours, WE. FIND. A. WAY. TO. WIN. And we did."


We come back from break to join Ometepe on their reward. As they arrive, Rob tells us that in his four trips on Survivor, he's never done anything like landing on top of an active volcano. Yep, the picnic is atop an active volcano. As everyone gets giddy about the cookies, candy and crackers in the picnic basket. Rob is thinking of Hidden Idol clues. Phillip is reveling in feeling like part of the tribe again. Rob notices a jar of long tubular cookies. He has someone hand him the jar and as he gets a cookie, he finds the idol clue rolled up to look like one. "But it really doesn't even matter what it says cause I already have the idol." And he takes the clue and throws it right into the volcano. I can't help but think, as entertaining as this is, at some point, Grant's gonna learn that he's been lying to him all along and things are gonna get ugly for Rob. Sometime soon, I'm thinking he needs to let Grant in on the secret...or it could be his demise.

Speaking of demise...we check in with Zapatera. It's time to play, "It's anyone but David!" Mike is pretty bummed about getting ready to be down in numbers. Sarita gathers the troops, minus David. She's pumping them up to keep her over David. She can do anything he can do...except, you know, be useful in challenges and around camp. She has to get Ralph separately and he is fully on her side. In a contrasting style, David does next to nothing to endear himself to the tribe. He just goes about his daily business with no scrambling. Mike tells us that Sarita really held the tribe back today, while David was the reason they caught up and almost won the challenge. As the guys get together, Steve and Mike tell Ralph that they think they have to keep David, even though they don't like or trust him. They love Sarita, but she's killing the tribe in challenges.

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