Survivor: Redemption Island

It Don't Take A Smart One

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 31, 2011

But Russell promised we'd win! And if you can't trust Russell, then who?

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We come back from break to Redemption Island. Apparently, Stephanie has been talking for about 18 hours straight and even Matt can't stand it anymore. We see Tree Mail at Ometepe and Phillip declares himself going to the duel. Rob chimes in that he wants to go also. He tells us that Phillip is not allowed to go without a chaperone. Suffice it to say, Rob and Phillip no longer like each other.

Rob & Phillip and Dave & Ralph show up to watch the duel between Matt and Stephanie. Today's matchup is just a game of memory. Each round, they'll flip over two symbols. If they match, they get a point. First player to five wins. Right off the bat, Matt goes out and flips over a match. Stephanie then does the same. So without any knowledge of anything, both players buck the odds and score a point in the first round. After going back and forth, Matt does turn over his fifth match and sends Stephanie home for good. When the challenge ends, Stephanie begins to talk. She tells Ralph that Sarita has to be the one to go. She tells Rob that the Zapatera tribe is coming for him, just like they did Russell. As we head to break, Rob tells us that he is 100% certain that when the tribes merge, Phillip will flip on him and will target him.

Before coming back to camp, Phillip asks Rob what he wants to share from the duel. Rob refuses to lie to them. He wants to tell everything, as he has from the beginning. He does see this as an opportunity to throw Phillip farther under the bus. After telling them everything, Phillip finally walks away and Rob tells them all how Phillip didn't want to share everything with them. He tells them that he's positive that when the tribes merge, Phillip will flip. Rob tells us that when the time comes and it's time for Phillip to go, he plans to tell him to his face that he's gone. He says he'll "Front-side him."


Over at Zapatera, the tribe grills David and Ralph about what Stephanie did. David says it was pretty much what you would have expected. Ralph tells them that they shouldn't count on Matt joining up with them, he's with his old tribe. Ralph then tells his alliance that he thinks David is ready to flip. He tells us the same thing. We come back to the tribe and David is suggesting that after the big storm, this is the good time to fish. No one agrees with him and despite his insistence, no one actually goes fishing. Sarita, for example, just sits around and tells us what a douchebag David is. The rest of the tribe is pretty well done with David. Ralph tells us that while David is very smart, he's not trustworthy and he needs to go.

We come back from the last break to the Ometepe tribe cooking and eating rice. They're all there except Rob. Apparently, Rob likes the crispy rice from the bottom of the pot, so the girls are saving it for him. Seeing that they're doing this, Phillip decides that HE'D like a scoop of the crispy rice. Of course, they tell him no. This sets Phillip off about how they all cater to Rob all the time. It's all "RobRobRobRobRobRobRob" or something like that. By this time, the rest of the tribe just ignores Phillip. Phil tells us about the injustice, "How asinine is that?" Um,'s just about as asinine as you bitching about the crispy rice. When Rob comes back, he gets his crispy rice and the recap of Phillip's latest tantrum. And with Phillip declaring to us that there's a division in the tribe, we head off to the immunity/reward challenge.

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