Survivor: Redemption Island

It Don't Take A Smart One

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 31, 2011

But Russell promised we'd win! And if you can't trust Russell, then who?

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As they head to Tribal Council, I can't help but think that this decision isn't as hard as they're making it. Sure, David went against the alliance and voted for Sarita, but he didn't do it with malice, he did it in an effort to keep the tribe as strong as possible. I think if you vote Sarita tonight, David comes right back into the fold and he's a solid member of your tribe. They're very concerned about him flipping on them, but he's a smart guy and he knows that flipping would just put him on the bottom rung of a new alliance.

First question out of the gate at Tribal, "What has happened to Zapatera?" As Ralph starts to make his excuse for the loss, David and Jeff interrupt with Jeff saying, "Excuses are for..." David finishes, "Losers." Jeff goes to Julie about the decision to throw a challenge to get rid of Russell. She says that she was afraid of the karma of that move, but she still feels like they're the stronger tribe. Jeff suggests that strength may not be an issue, that cohesion may be. David agrees and mentions that when they see the other tribe, they all seem to be friends and actually like each other. Jeff then asks Ralph about the need for a cohesive unit. "Well, first Jeff, I don't know what cohesive means." Jeff tries to give Ralph an analogy and Ralph says he'd prefer the people that don't get along and work harder. Steve chimes in that he disagrees. Any coach would rather have a team that gets along.


Jeff asks David if his support of Krista and Stephanie makes him more nervous. Of course it does, but he said he gave his word to Stephanie and he wasn't going to back off it. Sarita talks about how David is just not trustworthy and how she would never have written his name down. David maintains through Sarita's babbling that anything he did was to make the tribe stronger. Jeff asks Sarita if she's gunning for David and as she fumbles for a response, David interrupts and says, "Of course she is." Now that it's narrowed down to Sarita or David, let's vote.

First, we see Sarita's vote for David, then David's vote for Sarita. No shock there. First vote, Sarita. Second vote David. Third vote David. And much to her shock and dismay...Sarita collects the rest and is sent to Redemption Island. She was so shocked that she hadn't brought any of her stuff with her. And with that, another victim is sent into Matt's realm. Will he EVER have a real challenge on Redemption Island? As for Zapatera, it's nice to see that they finally did the right thing. But will it be enough to stop the momentum that Ometepe has built up?

Next time on Survivor: Matt apparently has a cut on his foot and the editors want to make us think that could hinder him. And Jeff makes two huge announcements, "The winner of today's duel will go back into the game" and "We are merged." So Rob, buckle up, because the ride's about to get bumpy for you, my friend. Until next week, take care.

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