Survivor: Redemption Island

Don't You Work For Me?

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 10, 2011

Bye, ELR. Bet we never have to see you again.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor: Redemption Island. This could potentially be a huge week for Survivor as last week saw Russell Hantz voted out of the game for the first time in his three seasons. It actually saw his tribe throw a challenge (a Jim Van Nest no-no) to do it as well. Other stuff happened, too, but other than Matt outlasting Francesca in the first RI duel and Rob finding a clue for the hidden idol, none of it amounted to much when compared to Russell's ouster.

Previews for tonight suggest that Ometepe is getting more and more annoyed with Phillip. And we have another RI duel tonight, which could send Russell home for good. The promos have promised an EXPLOSIVE episode let's do some Power Rankings and then get right to it.

Not much changes at the top of the chart as getting rid of Russell really didn't affect too many people.

Rob - 4-1 Rob is still in charge of his tribe. He has a clue to the idol and no one knows he has it. Also, he now has confidence and momentum after winning his first challenge of the season, regardless of the taint that surrounded the win.

Natalie/Ashley/Grant - 8-1 I'll continue to keep Rob's alliance-mates together here as last week did nothing to establish a pecking order for them.


Ralph - 10-1 Ralph stays put this week as his plan to lose a challenge and dump Russell worked for him. He did, however, get himself one vote away from elimination, which suggests to me that so far, Ralph is getting lucky. He has an idol, but we don't know yet if he's smart enough to know how to use it.

Mike/Steve/Sarita/David/Julie - 15-1 I'll put the rest of Ralph's alliance up a spot this week. While Mike and David seem to be setting themselves apart from the rest of the group, they haven't done enough for me to give them their own spot. Not to mention, they all went with the "throw the challenge" plan, so this is as good as I get with them right now.

Andrea/Kristina - 20-1 Rob brought Andrea back into the mix and Kristina has shown she can find an idol with no clue. I really have very little to go on with these two right now as promos seem to be focusing so much on Phillip.

Phillip - 30-1 This is based solely on previews. They seem to be suggesting that he really starts getting on people's nerves. That could be enough for Rob to cut him loose should Ometepe lose tonight.

Krista - 50-1 Krista was the third in Russell's alliance. Stephanie was WAY more vocal, so Krista may be the one with a chance to get back in the good graces of her tribe. I'd say she has her work cut out for her, but she has been very unassuming thus far and might find a way back in.

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