Survivor: Redemption Island

Don't You Work For Me?

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 10, 2011

Bye, ELR. Bet we never have to see you again.

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I'm gonna skip over the Zapatera barbecue and get right to the strategizing over at Ometepe. As they get back to camp, Phillip feels the need to give a pep talk to everyone. No one really wants to hear it. Rob tells us that the entire tribe pretty much wants him gone. Ashley tells us how bad she wants him to go. Kristina is hoping the annoyance with Phillip will give her three more days. She decides to plant a seed with the girls asking about the idol clue. Natalie is a little concerned that Kristina doesn't seem to be scrambling too much.

As they talk about it, Rob suggests that maybe Kristina has the idol. He has determined that Kristina is a bigger threat to him than Phillip. He organizes his alliance to split the vote again, just in case Kristina has the idol again. The next thing we see might be the very beginning of a crack on Rob's alliance. Ashley and Grant are not 100% on-board with the Kristina vote. They feel that Phillip is much more deserving of going home. Grant makes a plea to Rob and Rob shuts it down, saying that Kristina is a better player. All Rob wants is for all his people to get in line and do as they're told. Rob tells Phillip to vote Kristina, which triggers Phillip to think Rob has gone back on his word to help her. Let's head to Tribal.


Jeff starts with Kristina and asks her if she's feeling vulnerable again. She says that she has been on the wrong side of the numbers from the beginning. Jeff brings up second chances and everyone's playing nice when talking about Kristina. Rob finally says that Kristina was not really a part of the tribe for the first several days and the question now is whether or not it's too late. When asked what she thinks the tribe should do, she says they should do what it takes to make the tribe stronger. She goes on to suggest that Phillip's disruptiveness helps make the tribe weaker. Jeff has to ask Phillip about this and he claims to be a "doer" and those who don't do much tend to not like him telling him about that. Kristina says she does every bit as much as Phillip. This leads Phillip in yet another recap of his life resume. One thing we learn here is that Phillip earned the second highest medal that you can get during peacetime while doing field sanitation. Let's just get to the vote, shall we?

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