Survivor: Redemption Island

Don't You Work For Me?

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 10, 2011

Bye, ELR. Bet we never have to see you again.

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While Phillip and Kristina are away, the rest of the Ometepe tribe is having a blast with them gone. However, Rob's thinking about an immunity idol. He comes up with a game to play on the everyone heads out to play Rob's game. Right as they're to start, Rob fakes having to use the bathroom and runs back to camp. He's searching around every tree. He suggests that there's like 40 trees and on the 38th tree, he finally looks up and what do you know? There's an idol up there! Way to go Zapatera, not only did you give Rob momentum and luxury also gave him an idol. Can't wait for him to use it to sink your challenge throwing alliance.

We join Zapatera as Sarita and Ralph come back. Sarita is just glowing over the results of the duel. As everyone celebrates Russell's departure, Stephanie and Krista are forced to listen to them all celebrate. David notices it and he says he understands it. They're all dancing on his grave. And here we go again with discussion of whether or not to throw a challenge. Stephanie and Krista try to make Mike understand that giving up numbers on purpose is never a good thing. But enough of that stupidity, let's get back to Phillip.


Phillip suggests to Kristina that they not share any of Russell's intel with the rest of the tribe. He says he's not going to give Rob names until he takes them to the merge. He tells us that he's gonna try to get Kristina a better place in the game in return for his info. He takes Rob and Grant aside to tell his story. He does leave out the names and asks if Rob can do something for Kristina. In Rob's words, "I'm like, hey, dumbass, aren't you in my alliance? Don't you work for me? Now you're telling me who I should grant favors to?" And naturally, Rob tells him that sure, he'll help Kristina. And Phillip spills all the beans. And what have we here? A Grant confessional? Sweet. He has gotten totally on the "get rid of Phillip" train.

We come back from break to Zapatera getting Tree Mail announcing a reward/immunity challenge. Julie tells us how important it is to win this challenge after throwing the last one.

Probst sighting! And we've hit the "shameless promotion" challenge. As always, I will refuse to name the sponsor in the recap as I'm not seeing a check for my promotion. The tribes will have to use several tools to get through an obstacle course. Winners get a barbecue and immunity. Zapatera sits out Krista in this challenge.

Starting out, it's Rob against Ralph using a crowbar. Ralph is first back after getting the shovel. Rob is right behind. Grant quickly catches up with Julie digging up the hatchet. Ralph and Rob do the next leg, which is chopping through a log to cut a rope. Ralph is pretty quick through it and takes a big lead on Rob. Steve and Mike untie the saws and begin cutting out the planks. Phillip and Grant catch up a bit, but never really catch up to Steve and Mike. Once all the planks are cut out, Stephanie and Sarita head out to put the puzzle planks together. Grant and Phillip finally get through them all and Rob and Kristina are on the course with the puzzle. Rob makes up huge time on the puzzle planks, but it's too little, too late and Ralph drives in the three nails and Zapatera wins immunity yet again. As Ralph gets up on the table to do his rooster thing, I'm reminded of how frustrating this show can be.

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