Survivor: Redemption Island

Don't You Work For Me?

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 10, 2011

Bye, ELR. Bet we never have to see you again.

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Stephanie - 100-1 Stephanie is definitely the next to go when Zapatera hits Tribal. She opened her mouth too much and said too many stupid things to be forgiven. Her tireless defense of Russell sealed her fate. If Zapatera loses, she'll hit RI tonight.

Matt - 250-1 As I said last week, Matt is a threat to stay at RI for a long time. He can beat Russell. And Stephanie, Krista, Kristina, Phillip and Andrea (the most likely group of folks to be voted out next) pose no real threat to him. Could they beat him? Sure, but I'd give Matt odds over all of them. Tonight is the ultimate good vs. evil battle on Survivor and call me an optimist, I think good wins out.

Russell - 1 million-1 I think Russell has the slightest of chances to beat Matt tonight, but I don't think it'll happen. Matt is incredibly focused, while Russell feels entitled. I would expect Russell to try to throw Matt off his game by being his normal obnoxious self. Matt seems too grounded right now for anything to throw off his game. So my bet is Russell will receive more airtime at the reunion than any second boot EVER.

So the episode begins with Russell coming into Redemption Island. Russell tells Matt about his tribe throwing the challenge to get rid of him. Matt is feeling pretty good to be blindsided by Rob and bunking with Russell. Russell tells us how he plans to beat everyone that comes to RI and get his revenge.


After the credits, we join Ometepe as they try to sleep. Of course, Phillip is up sweeping the dirt with a tree branch...which leads to a discussion about his pink tighty whiteys. Rob's pretty grossed out about the whole thing. Meanwhile, Phillip tells us that no one understands him and that this is a huge disadvantage for him. I'd tell you more of what he said if it made even a small bit of sense.

We join Stephanie and Krista feeling awfully alone on the Zapatera tribe. They really have no plan at this point with Russell gone. So with everything going smoothly with his six person alliance, Ralph decides this is a good time to tell someone that he has the hidden idol. So he handpicks EVERYONE IN HIS ALLIANCE to tell. That's right...he just shared that info with sic people, three or four of whom will NEED to vote him out if they want a shot at the million. His thinking on this is that now that they know, they'll want to keep him around. Huh?? You just painted a huge target on your furry back!

At Ometepe, Phillip takes a break from annoying people for a minute to go get Tree Mail. That break is short-lived as he comes back to camp and reads the clue in an obnoxious voice that only Phillip could come up with. Further, he gets tripped up a bit over the word "Rochambeau." Anyone who doesn't know what that is...Google search "Rochambeau South Park". Long story short, pick two people to go to RI for the duel. Phillip quickly volunteers to go and asks Kristina to go with him. Phillip wants to go because, with his special agent background, he wants to gather intel. At Zapatera, someone named Sarita and Ralph will go watch the show.

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