Survivor: Redemption Island

Don't You Work For Me?

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 10, 2011

Bye, ELR. Bet we never have to see you again.

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At RI, Russell sums up what we already know. This duel is the ultimate good vs. evil. He tells us that in the real world, he would definitely be rooting for Matt. And in comes Jeff. Today's duel is a simple domino setup. Each person will need to line up a long line of dominoes over an up and down track. All around the track are ropes that, if touched, will knock the dominoes down. Once their row is set up, they push the first one and if they're set up right, they'll knock a ball down a track to break a tile. They're playing for their Survivor lives here. Matt is the first one to finish his lineup. He hits the first one and it gets about halfway through before there is too big of a break, causing the dominoes to stop. He has to start all over again. Russell has the opportunity now. He lines everything up and knocks down his first domino and again about halfway through, his line stops as well. Both guys are working fast now and Matt is the next one to give it a go. This time, his setup is solid and goes all the way through, releasing the ball and breaking the tile. Matt has stayed alive yet again and at the same time, ends the reign of the greatest villain in Survivor history.


In a complete WTF moment, Russell actually breaks down into tears. What!?!?! I really don't know what to say here. The worst villain in the history of the game, hell, in the history of reality TV...crying like a bitch? Come on, man, you HAVE to be kidding me. After pulling it together, he reminds us exactly who he is. With Jeff asking him about the tears, he begins to tear into his tribe. He talks about how they threw a challenge just to get rid of him because he's "Russell". He says they're not even worried about Rob and his team and numbers. As he complains about having to do everything for his tribe, Ralph interrupts to say that Russell wouldn't show the tribe the hidden idol clue. And then goes on to say that he already found the idol in 15 seconds. Russell picks right up on that and tells him to show him the idol. he then looks at Phillip and Kristina and says, "There ya go guys, he has the idol."

Ralph tries to suggest that he faked Russell out. Phillip uses his keen sense of deception detection (a skill honed to near pinpoint accuracy through years of government training) to see through Ralph's lie and knows that Ralph has the idol. Russell doesn't stop there. He tells Phil and Kristina that Sarita is in charge and that Steve and Mike are an alliance. We probably shouldn't be surprised...but Russell did his best to go out with a blaze of glory. We'll just have to see how that "intel" is use by Philip and Kristina. With his final words, Russell says he'll never play the game again and he wishes Matt the best.

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