Survivor: Nicaragua Recap - Finale Part Two

The Grand Finale

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 22, 2010

Is this the face of hidden genius? We report, you decide.

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Sash attempts to inject himself into the conversation, stating that since the three of them are tied in the Outlast aspect, the choice should come down to who did the best in Outwit and Outplay. Fabio then delivers the deathblow to Sash, stating “You didn’t outplay anybody, Sash.” Sash’s face gives him away on this. He acts as if he has just been struck. His look of panic as he quickly scans over the jury only heightens the sense of humiliation pervasive at the moment. This may be the first pair of unkind words Fabio has said the entire season and by saving them until the last possible moment, they are all the more effective. No one expects the Fabish Inquisition.


When the votes are revealed, Fabio wins Survivor by the narrowest of margins. Chase gets four votes, the ones we had expected from Brenda, Jane and Holly plus one that is slightly unexpected from Alina. Fabio receives all of the slam dunk votes from Dan, Marty, Benry and Quitter Number Two (the one who hates people with one leg). The shocker to us is the person who settles the tie as Quitter Thing Number One (you know her as Purple Kelly) does not vote for Sash. Had she done so, we would have had the first final Tribal Council tie in the history of the show. Instead, she gives the nod to Fabio, which gives him the win by the narrowest vote possible. He showed just enough of a spark in the final week of the competition to win while Chase showed just enough of a spark to make the margin of victory razor thin.

All in all, this was one of the worst seasons in the history of the show, but at least good triumphed in the end. As for Chase, what matters most to him is that he won Brenda’s vote. We wouldn’t start planning the honeymoon just yet, though. And Sash, never play poker for money. You’re one of the worst liars we’ve ever seen.

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