Survivor: Nicaragua Recap - Finale Part Two

The Grand Finale

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 22, 2010

Is this the face of hidden genius? We report, you decide.

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Brenda poses the first question. She is at least respectful of former partner in crime, Sash, asking him to recount why he was willing to jeopardize friendships. To his credit, he apologizes for this and states that he hopes people will understand that he had the primary motivation of winning the game. She then asks Chase, “her snuggle buddy”, why he didn’t try to help her when she was in trouble. He pointedly reminds her that he did put his neck on the line by making her aware of the situation. Recognizing the quality of this answer, Sash attempts to diminish Chase by saying “I just think he could have stepped up more.” Chase and Brenda BOTH jump all over him for this, pointing out that he had the immunity idol and the best opportunity to stand up yet he chose not to do so. Brenda was the only person we felt Sash may get to vote for him and that’s clearly not happening now. She seems to be wearing a Team Chase shirt; in fact, she doesn’t even address Fabio. So, win or lose, Chase at least got Brenda to “vote for him” if you know what we mean.


Marty surprises us by starting with positive comments about the three players making it to the end. We think that maybe just maybe Marty will show some class. Psych! He asks Chase to give the “Dumber Than a Bag of Hammers” award to whomever he believes is most deserving. Chase, knowing where this is going, refuses to play along, especially after Marty says Marty cannot be the answer. We’d been vaguely aware of how much these two people disliked each other, but we hadn’t fully appreciated the depth of their mutual hatred until now. After Chase gets the okay from Probst to pass on the question, Marty offers some token compliments to Sash about his cerebral “Chase, that means smart” play. Yes, Marty has addressed two out of three players yet all he has accomplished so far is to be pissy to Chase. Marty is a waste of human life. He then heaps lavish praise upon Fabio because, as we stated above, if Fabio wins, Marty can take credit for all of Fabio’s accomplishments. That’s the type of manager Marty is. If you ever see Marty on the street, throw rotten eggs at him and tell him they’re from BOP.

Holly gets right to the point. “Chase, what do you consider your best strategic move that you made on your own in this game?” He says that it was right at the start of the game when he chose to be in an alliance with people he trusted instead of falling victim to the temptation of going with the numbers. Holly then tries to aid Chase’s candidacy by accusing Fabio of winning the final three immunity challenges as a demonstration of “Too little, too late.” To his credit, Fabio drills his reply by saying, “No, I think it was actually the best timing possible.” She then asks Sash if he ever lied to her and he confesses that he did. This vote goes to Chase, who is up 2-1 after three.

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