Survivor: Nicaragua Recap - Finale Part Two

The Grand Finale

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 22, 2010

Is this the face of hidden genius? We report, you decide.

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Quitter Thing Number Two asks her questions, but we won’t even say her name, choosing instead to note that one-legged Kelly was not a quitter and clearly the better competitor. Number Two asks Fabio about his mother’s presence at the immunity challenge. He starts to tear up as he describes his relationship with his mother, describing it as “his gasoline to get to the end”. This is a poignant moment, a rarity for the final moments of a season. Fabio’s words of love are so pure that several jury members including Brenda and Benry start to tear up. In a huge twist ending that would make M. Night Shyamalan jealous, Fabio hating quitter seems likely to give her vote to Fabio. We are also now ready to call Benry’s vote for Fabio, making the score 4-3-1 in favor of Fabio. He only needs one more vote to win in our estimation. Note that we’ve been wrong before, particularly during Survivor: China when Amanda Kimmel talked her way into Todd Herzog winning.

Alina comes out and opens with a blanket statement to Fabio that she “doesn’t want to give a million dollars to a boy, she wants to give it to a man”. Potential sugar daddies of the world, take note. Alina likes ‘em older and with a bankroll. She asks Sash to convince her that he deserves it. Right on cue, Sash stutters his way to a reply. He tries to bury Fabio about not being a part of the decision making process and (accurately) describes Chase as wishy-washy. At this point, Alina states what we’ve been thinking, that Chase has been impressive on the night. She asks him to state why she has to vote for him. He refutes the critique of him as indecisive, stating that he had to do this in order to avoid alienating anyone. He wanted to make group decisions with people he trusted without burning bridges that might cost him at the final jury discussion.


The conversation takes a turn for the worse for Chase when he tries to dismiss Fabio for clueless play. He recounts moments after eliminations when Fabio would wonder aloud what just happened, indicative of him not being involved in the key decision making that determined the game’s remaining contestants. Fabio capitalizes on this with a blunt assessment of these events. “You tried to get through the game without offending anybody, without double-crossing anybody, this and that, but I actually did it. You know, I didn’t have to backstab anybody and that’s hard to do in this game.”

Chase attempts to discard Fabio’s argument, saying that when you don’t know what is going on, it’s easy to avoid alienating people. Chase makes a critical mistake when he argues that “This isn’t the NBA Finals, this isn’t what it takes to win four and win the championship. This is outwit, outplay and outlast. And winning three is not doing that.” Fabio’s simple but effective reply is, “That’s outplaying you, bro.” At this point, Chase panics a bit, surprised by Fabio’s impressive counter. He states, “You didn’t outlast me. You outplayed me in some of the challenges.” That…is exactly what Fabio just said. Then, Fabio delivers the deathblow to Chase. “I brought you to the final three.”

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