Survivor: Nicaragua

Not Sure Where I Stand

By Jim Van Nest

December 13, 2010

The Michael Jordan tongue thing didn't work for him.

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Gotta love Jeff as he announces the two quitters coming back into the jury box. Right off the bat, Jeff hits Chase with his challenge decision. Chase acknowledges that it was a tough position to be in. Jeff then asks Chase and Benry if they're worried about being perceived as physical threats. Chase is quick to point out that he hasn't actually won any Immunity Challenges yet, so he may not be such a threat. Benry acknowledges that they're physical threats; hence, they have targets on them.

Next up, Jeff asks Jane about her comparison to Fabio. She says that he's definitely a big physical threat. Fabio says that he's friendly and always talking to people to help make them feel better about keeping him in the game. Jeff asks Benry how confident he is that everything will swing his way. He says he's pretty confident. Sash talks about how good it feels to have immunity around his neck. Fabio says he saw all kinds of people approaching Sash but he's not worried about it. Holly says a couple of things, but honestly, this episode just needs to end. It's time to vote.


We are shown no votes this time around and as Jeff counts; they come up Holly, Fabio, Fabio and then four straight Benrys. Dumbest. Cast. Ever. Sash is starting to seem like one of the dumbest players ever. He just threw his lot in with a group of people HE CAN'T BEAT IN THE FINALS instead of a group of guys that he could easily beat. Jeff ends by saying that we've hit the tricky part of alliances, the part when you can no longer trust your own alliance. At this point, it seem like we're headed to the most boring finale ever: Jane/Holly/Chase. UGH!

Next time on Survivor: there are only two episodes remaining. The challenge proves to have enough luxury to keep them strong until the end. As for the losers, "They will be taken and executed." Um, okay. Not sure what that means, but I do know that I will be back next week to tell you all about it. So until then, take care.

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