Survivor: Nicaragua

Not Sure Where I Stand

By Jim Van Nest

December 13, 2010

The Michael Jordan tongue thing didn't work for him.

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The first part of this challenge, the diving in the mud thing, was a great idea early in the game when the hotties were still in the game. Now, it's just a bit annoying and not near enough attention is paid to Dan struggling to get through. After the first round, Chase, Benry, Jane and Holly move on. Chase and Benry blow through this portion of the challenge and move to the finals. The finals are interesting and I say that because something like this happens every season. Chase digs up his rings with like three shovels full; meanwhile Benry has dug halfway to China before he gets his first ring. While I'm sure everything is fair and square, it always seems like in these challenges, some have an easier time digging up their stuff than others. As it is, Chase wins easily.

Now for the fun part of these challenges. Chase gets to take two people with him on reward. Obviously, the first is Holly. And everyone agrees she deserves it. As Chase mentioned earlier, Sash has needed a reward for awhile, so as you would expect, Chase chooses Jane to go with them. Wha..WHA...WHAT?!?!?!?! This is one of the more stunning decisions I've ever seen in this kind of situation. I mean, I knew Chase was game-dumb, but this goes beyond game-dumb. Dude, you have a three-person alliance. You're battling another three-person alliance. There's one guy in the middle. Hmmmm...let's see, do you take your alliance mates and hang out with them, or do you do the smart thing and take the swing vote with you so you can convince him to be on your side? Wow, that's a tough one. Not to mention, while Chase's alliance is eating and showering, Ben/Fabio/Dan will have all day and all night to work on getting Sash to join them. Good God man, even Sash can see how stupid that was. Chase is already closer to the money than he ever deserved. Dumbest. Cast. Ever.


After break, we join the guys as they come back to camp. They're actually pretty excited the way it went down. There's more room in the shelter and he took his alliance with him. Sash tells the guys that he realizes he is a swing vote and he wants to know what they're thinking. Um Sash, dumbass, if you want to make a deal, you have to take the guys off to the side. You don't ask them all at the same time, because when you do, you get comments like this from Dan: "Well, we vote those three off and us four go." As Dan asks him about whether he's sided with them, Sash's response sounds an awful lot like, "It's K-K-K-Ken c-c-c-coming to k-k-k-kill me." He honestly stuttered more than Porky Pig riding a jackhammer. I've actually had to pause the show to calm down a little bit. As a devoted fan of this show and someone who has analyzed more than half of the seasons, watching people butcher the game like this is seriously pissing me off.

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