Survivor: Nicaragua

Not Sure Where I Stand

By Jim Van Nest

December 13, 2010

The Michael Jordan tongue thing didn't work for him.

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Jud (Fabio): 10-1. Fabio drops a bit this week, but only because the Quitters really improved Sash's place in the game. I still think he's in a very good spot to go far in this game. Again, depending on the alliance break tonight, Fabio could end up a shoe-in for the Final 3 and as likable as he is, he could walk out with the money.

Chase: 12-1. Chase remains the same only because if Sash chooses the girls, Chase may come to the Final 3 on the coattails of Jane and Holly. He does have an idol, but he's shown no kind of strategy throughout this game, so I don't expect the idol will do much to enhance his standing in the game.

Dan: 20-1. Dan hasn't changed, either. He's in no danger to go home this week, but he's also in no danger of actually winning this game. He's contributed nothing to the tribe (or to our viewing, for that matter) and will be seen as an under the radar kinda guy who was only kept because there was always someone more important to get rid of.

Benry - 25-1 Benry also doesn't change this week. I still think he's an idiot and yet, he seems like he could be the first target of the girl alliance, should Sash decide to join them. Benry doesn't seem well liked and he puts out 120% in the challenges. I think he'll easily take the bullet before Fabio and Dan. And if Sash makes the wrong choice, we could see Benry's torch extinguished tonight. Okay, let's get to the episode.

Wow, I'd like to welcome you all to the Sash Show. The recap all focuses on Sash and how he was affected by the quitters. I mean, I knew that he would be a focal point being a perceived swing vote and all, but I didn't realize he would be THE focal point. This should set us up for some mind-numbing game play.


We join the Survivors at camp after Tribal. Holly's pissed that they had to go to Tribal and get soaked so that the quitters could quit and go be dry. She is thoroughly pissed that they would go that far and then voluntarily leave. The rest of the tribe decided to name their chicken Kelly-Nay, since they were both chickens. The star of the Sash Show tells us how he's on the outs of both alliances but because he has an idol, he's in a good position.

We come back from break to find Sash talking with Chase, Fabio and Benry and telling them he plans to play the idol because he thinks it puts a target on his back. I'd explain this more, but honestly, I have no idea what he's actually saying. Not one bit of it makes any sense at all. Chase tries to get Sash to come with the girls’ alliance. Sash then gets confirmation from Chase that he'll take Sash to the finals over Jane. Chase also mentions that Holly and Sash should both be in line for some good rewards. Sash has gone the longest without one and Holly gave up a reward, so everyone feels like she deserves a reward. That brings us to a...

Probst sighting! And this week's reward challenge is the ol' "redo old challenges" challenge. In the first round they'll dive in the mud and crawl under a rig, dig a ball out of a pile of hay and then bounce the ball into their barrel. First four to complete that move on. Second round is maneuvering a key off a tall spiral pole. Unlock a box and get four sand bags. Land all four on the barrel and you're through. First two to do that move to the finals. Here they will need to dig into sand with a paddle and dig up three rings. They need to ring toss the rings and the first person to land all three wins reward. This week's reward is a trip to a resort where they'll get a great meal and a shower and a good night's sleep.

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