Survivor: Nicaragua

Not Sure Where I Stand

By Jim Van Nest

December 13, 2010

The Michael Jordan tongue thing didn't work for him.

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When I restart the show, we're at the "watch the winners enjoy their reward" portion of the episode. They eat. They get to stay in a tiki-hut. They see themselves in a mirror. They get to shower (way to check out the MILF and GILF in the shower, Chase.) Meanwhile, Holly tells us that she can't believe how dumb Chase was to leave Sash behind. Right about then, Chase calls Holly in and admits that he totally screwed up by not bringing Sash. At least you realized how stupid you were before you got voted out, Big Guy. He tells us that he's going to have to do some serious damage control when he gets back.

Of course, the one thing Chase hasn't considered is that this is the Dumbest. Cast. Ever. Which means that it's not a foregone conclusion that Sash will join the guys. And when your brain trust is Benry and Fabio, well, that doesn't bode well for your team. After discussing strategy a little more they decide to kill and cook Kelly-Nay. They all acknowledge that Jane will probably be upset that they killed the chicken, but they really don't seem to care.

When Jane and Co. come back, Jane is literally in tears over the chicken. She says they didn't have to eat her and they had plenty of rice. Because, who wouldn't rather have rice than chicken? Oh yeah, that's one!


Talk turns to the game and Holly is paranoid about trusting Sash. Chase comes up with a strategy that Sash has to believe that Holly and Chase will take him (over Jane) to the Final 3. Chase is still agonizing over not taking Sash on the reward with them. As the guys return to camp all talk turns to the reward and how cool it was. Benry then tells us that he feels pretty concerned as he may be considered the strongest of the guy alliance. He goes to Chase to talk a little and Chase FINALLY uses a bit of strategy. As Ben asks him how close he is to Holly and Jane, Chase tells him that he plans to vote Jane out as he can't win against her. Benry is down with that. And right in the middle of the Jane talk, he says, "Why not Fabio?" and Benry is real quick to jump on board. He's decided at Day 30 to play the "as long as it ain't me" game.

Chase pulls Sash aside to tell him how sorry he was for not taking him on the reward. Sash and Chase do seem to have a little side alliance here and he gets Chase to agree to take him to the Final 3 or Final 2. In the middle of this, as she does so often, Holly comes right in and interrupts. As they talk, the discussion comes to who should go home. Everyone is choosing between Fabio and Benry. Benry sees the three of them talking and figures out that their plan is screwed. He realizes his alliance is toast and decides maybe he needs to rethink his alliance. He goes up to the conference and Fabio's name is coming up and everyone seems to down with that. As it is right now, we have no idea who's going home as no one there can seem to figure out the best plan of action.

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