Survivor: Nicaragua

Not Sure Where I Stand

By Jim Van Nest

December 13, 2010

The Michael Jordan tongue thing didn't work for him.

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And it's time for some Probst. The Immunity Challenge starts with the players tethered to a rope that's wrapped around a hitching rail. As they go over and under, they'll release some of the rope. When you think you have enough, you can run over to where a bag of coins is resting. If your rope is long enough, you move on. If not, you go back. First three to get their coins move on to Round 2. Round 2 is a 3D puzzle of coins that, when completed, will fill a box. First one to complete the puzzle gets immunity.

Fabio is the first one to try to reach his coins. Benry and Sash each take off, but their ropes come up short. Jane takes a stab at it, but her rope is WAY too short. Benry and Sash try again and this time, both of them get to their pieces. As Jeff is doing the play-by-play, you can hear Jane cheering them on...and as Jeff says their name, she also says their name. All three players seem to be getting annoyed by that. After quite the struggle, Sash finishes his puzzle right before Fabio and Sash wins immunity and a 1/6 chance at becoming the next Sole Survivor.

When the Sash Show returns, our hero is telling us how cool he is. He's a triple threat because he has an idol, a necklace and he's in the power alliance. He also tells us he's been sandbagging the challenges and that he can really do better than he has been. He says Benry and Fabio are much bigger physical threats.


Fabio comes to Sash and asks if his name has come up. Naturally, Sash says no. Fabio still seems to think that Sash is with him. He tells us that Sash is still a swing vote but that they're close enough that Sash will tell him if his name comes up. Sash, Chase and Dan all get together and Chase tells Dan that Fabio is the vote. Dan's down. Sash tells us that Fabio and Benry are the two choices tonight and he plans to keep them guessing until he feels like telling them. Oh please, please Survivor Karma Gods...if you really exist, please let all six of the alliance members get sick of Sash and his swing vote and punch him out of the game for being a little too obsessed with his own "power."

Dan asks who they're going to tell Fabio they're voting for. They want to tell him Jane and Benry doesn't think Fabio will buy that, so they switch and tell Fabs that Holly is the vote. Naturally, he's down with that. After his chat with Benry, Fabio feels much better now. Ya know, just when I think his stupid surfer bit is an act, he proves to be every bit as dumb as he seems. Cue the soft happy music as Sash tells Jane she's like a second mother to him. What's blowing me away is how Sash seems to think he's a serious part of this four-person alliance. Dude, you're fourth on the totem pole. You can't really be so dumb as to think that because you talk nice to them, they'll replace one of their alliance mates with you. You're a hired gun to the girl alliance. Nothing more, nothing less. You stand a better chance with the guys.

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