Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Jumping Ship

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 30, 2010

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Previously on Survivor, it was Parvati's Island and everyone else was just living on it. Seriously, she didn't just eviscerate the competition. She did so in a way that as BOP webmaster Tony Kollath pointed out managed to leave four different players with their mouths hanging open in stunned silence. J.T. knew he had gotten beaten (although he failed to correctly guess who had done it, aptly summarizing his play this season), Amanda knew that Parvati had seen through her lies, Evil Loser Russell knew he'd given the idol to someone who played him for a patsy and Jerri realized that younger chick she hates just saved her ass. Words cannot describe how perfect a play it was.

To our amusement, some have derided her strategy as needlessly reckless. As a reminder, here is what happened. She found a hidden immunity idol the prior episode. During the most recent one, Evil Loser Russell tried to show that he was a big, strong provider of a man by giving her another hidden immunity idol, the second time he has done so this season. So smitten is he that he never thought to ask if she already had one. After all, finding idols is men's work and she's just a girl.

The end result is that when Tribal Council arrived, Parvati protected not one but two Villains from potential elimination. Sandra did not garner any votes, but Jerri would have been entwined in a 5-5 tie with J.T. Although there is some speculation about whether the Quest for Fire challenge is still the tiebreaker this season, if it had been, Jerri would be out of the competition right now. Meanwhile, J.T. and the rest of the Too Stupid To Live Alliance masquerading as Heroes would be in position to exterminate all remaining Villains. Given that Parvati knew the Heroes perceived her as the biggest threat from the way that they, you know, gave a total stranger a hidden immunity idol and explicitly stated the idea was to get Parvati eliminated, the Heroes this season offer all the subtlety of a July 4th fireworks display.


With J.T. eliminated, Parvarti is in complete control of the game at the moment. There are five remaining Villains (Evil Loser Russell, Danielle, Jerri and Sandra being the others) while only four Heroes (Rupert, Colby, Candice and Amanda) are still alive. What happens next is hard to anticipate since Sandra and Amanda are only vaguely attached to their former tribes at this point. Russell is now a man without a country as well after Sandra duped him into voting off his only potential ally, Coach, and the Heroes know him to be a snake in the grass.

If ELR goes redrum on Parvati for making him look like a fool, which she did, he is in trouble tonight but we strongly doubt that happens. He is well known for his composure and calm temperament. Yes, that's sarcasm. Dude just got arrested for assaulting an 18-year-old girl the night the episode aired. We are operating under the assumption that he wouldn't be so touchy about the whole affair if he had gone on to win the competition. We have moved the Evil Loser Russell Loses Doomsday Clock up to 4 Minutes Until Midnight. We put the over/under on number of episodes he has left at three, but his elimination tonight would not surprise us. Similarly, we worry about Sandra's situation in that the previews indicate she is about to flip to the Heroes side. If the Villains find out about this ahead of time (read: if Amanda tells Parvati), they will rectify the earlier mistake of voting off Courtney instead of a prior champion. Tonight's episode promises to have a lot of moving parts as we continue what has been to date the greatest reality show television season ever.

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