Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Jumping Ship

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 30, 2010

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Now that he no longer has Treasure Island to watch, Colby is left with no other option than to play the game. He engages in a conversation with Sandra wherein she informs him about all the votes the Villains lost. He's confused by her story, which is understandable. She keeps listing former allies who were voted off. The math doesn't track back. She knows her story and realizes she's telling the truth, and doesn't consider how implausible it would seem to someone who doesn't know Tyson. A one sentence summary of "Tyson screwed it up for everyone" would go a long way.

Eventually, Colby settles on the notion that Sandra is not playing him because she has no reason to do so. Her alliance is in the majority, after all. Soon afterward, ELR has an ominous conversation with Sandra, where he tells her that they now have six people in their alliance, so even if Sandra flips, they still have the numbers. She thinks he's done the math wrong until he explicitly states that one of the Heroes has switched sides. This would be devastating to Sandra if true.'s time for another Probst sighting! The Immunity Challenge is a simple card stacking game. The first person to stack their cards to the ten foot level wins the necklace. For the 73rd consecutive challenge, Sandra is not a factor. Don't worry. She's saving it up for the final Immunity Challenge this season. In a shocking turn of events, the two strongest competitors prove to be Jerri and ELR. The latter player's performance is particularly impressive when you notice that he has the shakes from five feet on. He probably would have won the competition had he not run out of pieces. He is forced to run back down his ladder to grab a few more. Those few seconds prove to be the difference. Evil Loser Russell has to make a desperation stack at the top, but those few pieces prove unstable. Jerri finishes her tower and astutely points out that this is her first individual immunity in the entire time she has played Survivor. Given how close she came to being voted off last week (thank God for new BFF Parvati), she is thrilled to get this Tribal Council off her back.


An entire segment ensues that can be summarized as "What the hell are you thinking, Candice?" We see this happen every season. Someone has been a passive player for too long and it starts to overwhelm their senses. They determine that they will do something bold and reckless even if it's idiotic. At least they feel like they're doing something. For Candice, this involves flipping to a situation where she would be sixth at best. This is ludicrous to Sandra, who has been working through this whole episode to make sure that Candice will be no worse than fifth best.

Sandra and the Heroes determine to vote ELR off. Candice goes to ELR and tells him - after only the briefest moment of hestitation - the entirety of the Heroes plan. And we all know how much Evil Loser Russell likes it when he's targeted. Calmly and sanely, he approaches Sandra as if she were an 18-year-old resident of Louisiana. He asks his supposed ally who will be going home, and she explicitly states that it will be Amanda. Candice joins them, and she too indicates that the person being ousted tonight will be Amanda. ELR processes this information and determines that the person being voted off is...Russell (don't ask us) and professes that he will play the hidden idol.

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