Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Jumping Ship

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 30, 2010

Got milk?

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Back at camp after Tribal Council, Evil Loser Russell has the crazy eyes. He accuses Parvati of lying to him, which she correctly denies. He then switches his argument to saying that she is guilty of a lie of omission, which is true. Before the two of them can hash it out, Danielle tries to help, with her idea of "help" being to throw gas on the fire. She stands right beside Parvati, with her body language clearly indicating to ELR that she has passed him on the food chain. In terms of vitriol, the exchange barely registers on the Survivor Hate Scale; however, we wonder if Evil Loser Russell's condition will decline once he's had a night or two to stew.

While we're never above drinking ELR's tears, the more important aspect of the night's conversation involves Rupert determining options. To his credit, he does take note of the fact that four out of five villains are holding court, while Sandra is persona non grata. We have said this before and we mean it: one of the aspects of the Survivor alliance that editing cannot hide is how people interact immediately before and after Tribal Council. Allies communicate and update strategy. The fact that Sandra is not doing this with the other villains definitively establishes that she is not with them. While never described as a master Survivor strategist, Rupert does make the correct determination that Sandra is in play.


Next, Evil Loser Russell pulls out the only play in the ELR Handbook. He targets a young girl on the other tribe, in this case Candice, and tries to get her to flip to his alliance. Let's just say that between his offer and Door #3, we'd take Door #3 every time. He generously states that he could make sure she gets to the top six...maybe even top three! Pinch her; she's dreaming! We're not sure if the editing is misleading or if we're completely misreading her body language, but Evil Loser Russell reports back to his alliance-mates that Candice has flipped. This is not the impression she gives us at all, but...Tyson.

Probst sighting! The Reward Challenge is Team Shuffleboard. The Survivors are divided into three groups of three to compete for a visit to author Robert Louis Stevenson's home, where will enjoy a sumptuous meal and a screening of the classic film based on his most famous novel, Treasure Island. The groups are made up of ELR, Rupert and Sandra; Colby, Amanda and Danielle; and Parvati, Candice and Jerri. Evil Loser Russell and Rupert both make great throws, and their team appears well positioned to win the game, then Colby V.2.001 makes an appearance. The one-time challenge horse carefully scrutinizes the table, and makes a shuffleboard throw that would be the envy of the entire state of Florida. We are disappointed by this, as we are disappointed by the prospect of Evil Loser Russell and Rupert fighting through an entire challenge while Sandra manipulates both of them. Instead, we'll be treated to three of this season's blandest personalities as they say things like, "Oh, good food."

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