Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Jumping Ship

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 30, 2010

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Sandra returns to the Heroes, explains what happened, and effectively requests that they beat Candice to death. Humorously, Colby states that if Amanda does go home tonight, it will be entirely Candice's fault. She awkwardly laughs until he makes eye contact with her and she realizes that he is dead serious. We have no idea what Candice will do at Tribal Council, but she is less popular than Congress at the moment. Just before the vote, Sandra berates Candice for her short-sighted game play. Candice swears once again that she is with Sandra. FYI for Candice: in case you're ever invited back to the show, people twirl their hair when they are lying. You have a tell.

For whatever reason, the producers of Survivor definitely want us to believe that Amanda is going home tonight. If she is, this is very strange editing. If not, we're not sure why they locked in on her prior to the apparent swerve.


At Tribal Council, the jist of the pre-vote discussion is that Sandra is a Villain in name only. She describes herself as fifth out of five in the pecking order. ELR reinforces this premise when he lists the people he's allied with and names every villain but her. Meanwhile, Sandra goes out of her way to let the Villains know that despite all this, she has been unwilling to flip on this. We know this is not true, but if the vote goes as expected, they'll be more likely to believe it.

After the votes are in, something hilarious happens. ELR is once again convinced that as the strongest player there (in his mind), he will of course be the target of the night's vote. Thus, he plays his immunity idol. The first two votes are revealed to be for Amanda, but then the third vote is for Parvati. That's a funny way to spell Russell! At this moment, Parvati almost swallows her tongue and Courtney on the jury taunts ELR to the point that we expect her to do the wave. Alas, Candice's incompetent game play is the fly in the ointment. Since she was unwilling to remain loyal to the Heroes, she and Sandra were both forced to vote with the Villains, meaning that for the first time in her three outings as a Survivor contestant, Amanda has her torch extinguished. Parvati survives by an eyelash thanks to a dumbass named Candice. We do not expect Sandra to be happy at the start of the next record. She had orchestrated a move that would have usurped the throne, but Candice inexplicably flipped at the worst possible moment. What Candice did was more about longstanding frustration with Amanda that ties back to the Tom vote than it was about anything anyone did tonight. She made the determination that she couldn't win, so she chose to punish Amanda instead.

On the plus side, Parvati is pissed at Evil Loser Russell and the teaser for next week shows a War of the Roses flavored acrimonious split in the offing.

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