Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap

Jumping Ship

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 30, 2010

Got milk?

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Oh, wait. We spoke too soon. While touring the author's home, Amanda susses out that a clue for a hidden immunity idol must be hidden somewhere within. She never finds it, though she picks up a lot of items and examines them. Colby and the two women get into bed (don't act so surprised) and start to watch Treasure Island. A telling sequence events reveals how each player is competing this season. Amanda frantically searches all aspects of the room and is unable to enjoy the movie as a result. Danielle passively eats the popcorn and accidentally stumbles upon the clue and sneakily deposits it under her side of the bed. Colby watches the movie.

Moments later, Amanda realizes she saw something out of the corner of her eye, and pieces together that Danielle must have found and then hidden the clue. She walks over to Danielle's side of the bed and aggressively stands beside her, which makes us momentarily wonder if we're about to watch a Vivid Video. She grabs the clue off the floor and runs away. Danielle pursues Amanda and the chick fight is on. Colby doesn't help those rumors any when he doesn't even glance up at the battling babes. Instead, he acts annoyed and grudgingly presses "pause" on the movie. Truly, Colby is unlike any other player in the history of Survivor. To wit, Colby, who is in an alliance with Amanda and outnumbered by Danielle's alliance, determines that it is only fair for Danielle to get the clue, mainly so they can all shut up and go back to watching the movie. God help the person who leaves their cell phone on in Colby's movie theater.


When Danielle makes her triumphant return to camp, she cannot wait to show the others her clue. She even manages to get in a fish story about how she wrestled Amanda and fought six alligators along the way. What she does here is indescribably stupid. Danielle has been celebrating her status as Parvati's favored pet, but instead of waiting for a time when she and her master could go look for the idol themselves, she goes with Evil Loser Russell. Angry that he was shoved out of an alliance that, to his mind, is Russell and Co., he makes sure to uncover the idol himself while Danielle is not looking. He hides it in his pocket, then mumbles something about the Heroes looking at them and walks off. A more savvy player would immediately pick up on what he had done, but Danielle needs Parvati to the heavy lifting for her.

The end result of this is that Evil Loser Russell pulls out the only other play in the ELR Handbook (yes, we know we said there was only one earlier). He shows Candice his immunity idol. And let us tell you, Candice wants to see it. She begs to see it. She demands to see it right there, in the forest. Evil Loser Russell immediately feels like much more of a man, and we move the Evil Loser Russell Loses Doomsday Clock down to 6 minutes to midnight. Hidden Immunity Idols are Russell's Cialis.

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