Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap


By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 8, 2010

You know you got voted off, right?

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At Tribal Council, Jeff puts his neutrality aside for once and berates the Villains for complaining about being too weak to win physical challenges a few days after voting off their strongest player. Meanwhile, everyone is mad at Coach (for his coaching skills) and Courtney (for being the suckiest suck who ever sucked). To her credit, Courtney accepts this criticism with the following quote:

"It's target the weak, and I'm, like, poster child for weak Survivor. But I'm still here over a bunch of strong players, so twisted ankle, skinny chick, whatever, I'm a determined little bitch and I'll put up with a lot of crap to get to the end."

Sandra rewards her girl power demonstration with a fist bump. These are the tightest two Villains. By far. It would be a huge mistake to let both of them survive this vote, but that's exactly what happens. Evil Loser Russell joins his frenemy Coach and Mrs. Coach (aka Jerri) in voting against Courtney. Danielle and Parvati accidentally or intentionally implement a girls' alliance when the two of them, along with Courtney and Sandra, vote Coach out of the game. The Dragon Slayer's surprise at this is...significant.


This move is strange. We're looking forward to the explanation for the vote, because Parvati is generally not a passive player. Essentially, since a vote for Coach was a vote that showed Jerri she is insignificant, the numbers are even - or at the very least we have a 3-2-1 situation with Jerri's vote being very much up for grabs. Also, we're shaky on Danielle and Evil Loser Russell being able to work together. His tendency toward dismissiveness does not blend well with her lust for righteous indignation. Although the vote shakes out as ELR, Jerri and Coach voting for Courtney while Parvati, Danielle, Sandra and Courtney vote for Coach, we're not thinking Russell's swerve is indicative of any surprising swerve. He shows absolutely no surprise when Coach is eliminated. There is clearly a plan in play, but we're failing to appreciate the beauty in it quite yet.

Next week's teaser indicates that JT is going to just give ELR an immunity idol, so this could wind up being another instance where the Villains make a poor decision that gets rewarded. It's been the theme of their season so far.

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