Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap


By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 8, 2010

You know you got voted off, right?

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When the Villains arrive back at their camp, Coach is...full of regret. He fully realizes that Rob was the cause for much of their success, and as he notices the weakness of his cohorts due to hunger, Coach also comes to understand that challenges could become an issue. He believes that Evil Russell is a bully and that Jerri has just made a move that is nonsensical. Coach asks her about her strategy on how to play the next part of the game - will they align with ELR and hope he takes them to the Final as "promised" or will they make another move? Jerri's response is effectively, "well, let's wait and see." Way to be proactive!

After assessing all his teammates and pondering the makeup of the remaining Heroes, Coach seems to comprehend that his tribe might be in *just* a bit of trouble. "Pray for merge," he says.

Usually, when we visit the Heroes' camp, it's like a vision of rainbows and butterflies and happy, cute little animals all getting along and trotting alongside our beloved protagonists. Today, though, Amanda has noticed that JT seems to be missing. In fact, he's over at the creek searching for the hidden immunity idol. Despite the fact that the Heroes had agreed to search for the idol together, he's hoping to get the jump on his allies so he can use it to his advantage. Just after he finds it, Amanda walks up, so he's forced to act like he had planned to show it to the whole group all along. This leads Candice on a diatribe about how JT is in control of the game and he's got everyone fooled when in fact he is the dirtiest player in the game. She contends that they need to either vote out JT or flush out the idol. Amanda looks at her while she rants and replies, "Yeah." These are the kind of answers that lost you the title of Sole Survivor in previous games, Amanda.


Probst sighting! After reading the clue, the Villains conclude that there will be a merge at the Reward Challenge. After all, there is no mention of tribes, so it's just natural that they would surmise that it's time for everyone to come together and have a feast. Presuming they can gain an advantage on the Heroes, they gather up all their equipment and head out to meet Jeff. When the tribes come together, Rupert comments that there must be a female alliance since Boston Rob was voted out, which has ELR scrutinizing him. Even the Heroes completely discount Russell as a viable factor in this game.

Jeff quizzes the Villains on why they brought all their stuff with them, and they reply that they believe there will be a merge this evening. And so, after some pomp and tease, Probst tells them, "Drop your...expectations." No, there will be no merge. Instead, the Heroes and Villains will compete against each other for a tasty dinner made up of pizza, beer and brownies. Without their challenge stud Rob, will the Villains even be in this thing?

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