Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap


By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 8, 2010

You know you got voted off, right?

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The challenge is Tiki Bowling, which is as simple as it sounds. Each contestant has two throws to knock down as many pins (out of a possible ten) as they can. The person with the most pins down after each round wins a point for his or her team. First up, Rupert takes on Parvati, and she throws two gutterballs, which allows Rupert to get a point for the Heroes. Then, JT goes up against Danielle, who has nice bowling form but also rolls two in the gutter. JT knocks some pins down, and that's enough for another Heroes point.

Next, we have Colby against the evil troll doll Russell. After a botched throw (his arms seem a little long for the challenge), Colby only knocks down one pin total, which opens the door for ELR to capture a point for the Villains. He does, which gives the Heroes a little longer to toy with their prey. The next pairing is Amanda versus Coach, and even though he puts forth a valliant effort, Amanda wins by a pin, giving the Heroes a Reward Challenge win. Probst smugly tells the Villains to grab all their crap and go back to camp.


While the Heroes enjoy their feast and discuss the stupidity of voting out Boston Rob before the Villains had secured post-merge dominance, the Villains hold a bitch fest. The basis for it is that Jerri is mad at herself over her decision to betray Rob at the last Tribal Council. She knew she was placing herself in a position to be miserable around camp for an indefinite period, which is exactly what happens when you make the odd choice to align with people you don't like. In order to take out her frustration, Jerri vents about the decision to sit Courtney and Sandra during a less important Reward Challenge. In her estimation, they're now doomed at the Immunity Challenge, because a pair of players she considers to be the weakest of the group will be forced to compete. She's blaming Coach for not being a decision maker on the level of Rob, Courtney and Sandra for not forcefully offering to participate in the Reward Challenge, and the other players for not being as good at challenges as Rob. What she's primarily doing is beating herself up for Rob's absence.

One of our favorite aspects of Sandra's forceful personality is that she cedes no quarters to others. She has too much pride to silently listen to people talk about her failings in front of her, which is bad news for Jerri, as she finds her bitch session interrupted in mid-tantrum. Sandra correctly points out that Jerri seems to be explicitly blaming her and Courtney for a challenge loss in which they did not participate, while also showing no confidence in them in the challenge yet to come. The one person on this tribe you do not want to piss off is Sandra. Jerri is not having a good day.

Coach, David and Kim here with some advice. CONTROL YOUR WOMAN!

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