Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Recap


By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 8, 2010

You know you got voted off, right?

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We've always maintained that Sandra is one of the best Survivor players in the history of the game. The next segment embodies why we hold her in such high esteem. Recognizing that she and Courtney are screwed, Sandra employs the same consistent strategy that she always has throughout both this season and the one where she one - survive the next vote. To that end, she has noticed that ELR has a few...shortcomings. Sandra correctly assess his personality as one that is volatile enough that if he believes someone is gunning for him, Evil Loser Russell will then turn around and vote that person as quickly as possible. Since all Sandra and Courtney need to do today is survive the current vote, she has the very clever idea that they should plant some seeds of doubt in Evil Loser Russell that Coach sees the little troll doll as the next person to leave the island. This will cause ELR to target Coach instead of one of Sandra or Courtney. It may work and it may not, but Sandra is doing everything right here. It's her best possible play and it's all because she is so good at understanding the things that make people tick and how to best use them to her benefit.

We're always skeptical about the editing, especially after the Tyson fiction two episodes ago, but this plan seems to go perfectly for Courtney and Sandra. Courtney makes sure to be seen having a conversation with Coach, and Sandra makes sure that Evil Loser Russell is sitting by the beach noticing it. Sandra plays it cool, letting Russell be the one to point out the conversation and lets him think that he is the one pressing her for information. Once he's taken the bait, she slyly indicates that Coach regrets the decision to vote off Rob and wants to eliminate Evil Loser Russell as soon as possible. We'll let Sandra describe how well the conversation goes:

"I told Russell that Coach was talking about voting for him, and Russell's so stupid he ate that crap up. I'm telling you, he's like, 'oh my gosh, I can't trust him and the sooner he goes the better.' So Russell, he don't know how to play this game. Yeah, he's done good so far, but with me, he don't know what he got himself into."


We think the entire sequence is hilarious; however, we are worried that Sandra has fallen victim to one of the cardinal rules of Survivor. Never fixate on one person. She's starting to seem too focused on garnering revenge against Evil Loser Russell due to the Boston Rob vote.

For his part, ELR is as gullible as ever. He repeats last week's behavior by acting like the best play in the world is the one that was actually originally suggested to him by someone else. Of course, he plays it off like it's his own idea and does his usual schtick where he talks about what a genius plan he has created. Parvati does the same thing she always does. She giggles and acts like ELR is the bee's knees, all the while wondering what he tastes like medium rare with a bit of barbecue sauce. It's not that ELR is just the drone to her queen bee, but it's that he hasn't even noticed he's living inside her nest.

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