The Amazing Race 13, Episode 7

My Nose Is on Fire

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 9, 2008

Maybe you ladies shouldn't be so quick to high five each other.

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Previously on the Amazing Race, the impossible task of ironing(?) shocked the frat boys, the allure of flirting snared Starr and Dallas, and the constant strain of marriage destroyed Ken & Tina anew. The former NFL player and his separated wife are living on borrowed time this week after having finished in last place during the previous leg of the race. The good news for them is that it was a non-elimination leg and they get to spend more time together. Or is that the bad news?

Nick & Starr are first out of the gate this week at 8:55 a.m. By far the strongest competitors thus far in the game, they look like the team to beat. However, we don't think their lea is going to be that large to start today. They are instructed to make their way through the streets of Delhi to Deshbandhu Apartments, where they must search for the central park at the complex for their next clue.

Right on cue, Kelly & Christy are ready to depart, and they're only seven minutes behind the leaders. With regard to their game skills, let's just say we don't hold them in as high esteem as Nick & Starr. To date, the only skills in which they have excelled are being nasty to others and showing false bravado.

Toni & Dallas are out in another eight minutes, which means first and third place are separated by only 15 minutes. Thus far, this mother/son team has surprised us with their steadiness. Generally, parent/child teams have trouble getting along, but that hasn't been the case for them so far. They seem to have just the right combination of her wisdom and experience and his brawn and positive attitude. Really, they just seem to have a really positive relationship.


Twenty minutes later, Terence & Sarah, this year's offenders in the dreaded "Baby baby baby" category, join the chase. The nicest thing we can say about them as people is that we're happy when the camera doesn't show them. They've fought more this season than we have in the seven years we've been a couple. We don't think it's rocket science that if you actively dislike someone, you probably shouldn't date them. Their angry sex must be world class.

We take time out from the morning departures to show Kelly & Christy being evil as usual. Their catty subject of choice today is Team Superbad, as they wonder which of the two guys would be better to make out with. It's not their constant snarkiness that bothers us (that would be hypocritical of us), it's that they aren't the least bit funny when they do it. The best the one chick can come up with is that after a long kissing session, Dan would have to pace. Hilarious!

Speaking of the frat boys, they are about 50 minutes behind the first place team, so everyone is looking to be pretty well bunched up today. If *we* had to make out with one of Andrew or Dan, we would pick Dan because we like his glasses. Also, we don't wish to cast aspersions on Seth Rogen, someone we find genuinely funny, but Andrew looks like him and that's not a plus.

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