The Amazing Race 13, Episode 7

My Nose Is on Fire

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 9, 2008

Maybe you ladies shouldn't be so quick to high five each other.

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Switching back to the people who are good at Amazing Race, Nick & Starr are celebrating the glory of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. They have to walk barefoot through an area of caged birds and search for a clue inside the bird cages. Their next clue has them headed to the Detour. The easier task is called "Bleary Eyed". All that contestants need to do is to pay attention to small numbers displayed on various signs in a marketplace. While there is enough advertising here to make downtown Tokyo blush, Phil goes out of his way to note that attentive teams can finish this task quickly. Conversely, the other task, "Teary Eyed" sounds absolutely brutal. Teams must carry 40 pound bags of hot chilis a quarter mile to a location where they must grind their own chili powder using a mortar and pestle. Anyone who chooses "Teary Eyed" is just asking to be voted off, in our opinion. Phil's comments would seem to indicate we're right.

The show loses some cohesion as it starts showing some random bits from the contestants. Terence & Sarah keep preventing birds from pooping in a litter box, which is just mean. Andrew & Dan butcher the native language, while Kelly & Christy start trying to scare people through their dirty looks and loud noises. Just let them get to know you, ladies. That's plenty scary enough.

Once Ken & Tina arrive at the bird hospital, they run into the Speedbump, which is the task only they have to perform this week. They must serve holy water to people worshipping at a temple. You'd better not let it touch you, Ken & Tina.

Both Nick & Starr and Toni & Dallas choose the "bleary-eyed" task, and though Nick tries to trick the other team into a misinterpretation of how this round is played, they quickly suss it out. At this point, Starr firmly tells her brother that they'll work together with the other team, which we suspect she's already doing at the Pitstops, anyway.


Terence & Sarah decide to do the chili task, and she instantly starts bitching the moment they begin to carry the bags. Over at the Speedbump, Ken & Tina actually seem to be having fun, though Ken was oblivious to the fact that the water was even blessed. Maybe he shouldn't pick "bleary eyed" here in a moment.

Note to Tina if you read this: you look surprisingly great with green hair.

While the holy water task itself wasn't that difficult for Ken & Tina, they experience a lot of difficulty in trying to leave the area as trafic is at a standstill. The good news is that Kelly & Christy appear to be lost, and let's face it. Kelly & Christy definitely deserve to be eliminated this leg.

Nick & Starr and Toni & Dallas easily complete the number challenge and will have a race to the finish line for some vacation prize that will inevitably be used by Dallas and Starr anyway.

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