The Amazing Race 13, Episode 7

My Nose Is on Fire

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 9, 2008

Maybe you ladies shouldn't be so quick to high five each other.

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"We should have done the other one." --Sarah

Yeah, we told you so, baby.

Back over at "Bleary Eyed", Team Superbad and the divorcees both appear to be missing some vital numbers in their quest to move forward. This proves to be true when Andrew & Dan take their numbers to the "judge", who tells them that their combination is incorrect. Kelly & Christy don't fare any better.

Nick & Starr are first to the Pitstop, earning a five-day trip to glorious Hawaii. Starr & Dallas will really enjoy that. You know, if Nick and Toni went, there probably wouldn't be nearly as much humping. Toni & Dallas arrive soon after.

Back at the "bleary eyed" challenge, Andrew & Dan ask Kelly & Christy if they want to work together since neither team is having much luck on their own, but the girls turn them down, saying that they think it's really down to the wire. In the meantime, Terence & Sarah somehow manage to finish the chili grinding challenge.


A bad day grows worse for the divorcees (and the team they just blew off) as Ken & Tina arrive and start working on the challenge. Christy continues to be a great sport by attempting to use a scarf to hide their results from the new arrivals. A somewhat disgusted Tina says, "Don't worry, we'll get our own numbers." A more honest statement would be "We doubt you have the right numbers in the first place. Also, your mascara appears to have run all over your face, clothes and hair."

Approximately seven seconds later, Kelly & Christy are sent back to search for the right numbers, while Ken & Tina are given the thumbs up for completing the assignment. Thank goodness nobody looked at anyone else's numbers, right, Christy?

What's the benefit of being a nice team as opposed to being a team of super bitches? Another team (like Ken & Tina) is more likely to show you where the correct numbers are. Both Ken & Tina and Andrew & Dan seem to agree that this might not have been the best strategy for moving forward in the Amazing Race, but it's nice to see a random act of benevolence like that. Particularly from such an unexpected source. We are gratified to see them finish in fourth place.

The end result is that Andrew & Dan finish ahead of the divorcees, who are now in last place by an undetermined amount. With these being the last two teams remaining, it appears that traffic will determine who is the final team to arrive. The divorcees invoke a higher power in wishing the traffic demon away, but karma dictates that Team Superbad wins. The two teams might have been much closer had they, you know, worked together.

A few moments later, Kelly & Christy are the last team to arrive and are informed that they have been eliminated. On the plus side, we think they get to keep all of the paint they picked up.

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