Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

He's a Snake, But He's My Snake

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 24, 2008

Which of these two did better in the challenges? It's even.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor: Gabon. It seems like only yesterday we were talking about how Fang still sucks, Kelly's still dumb, Crystal is a nosy bitch who needs to stay out of other people's stuff, Sugar's also dumb for leaving her stuff out and GC is still useless and hating life in Gabon. Oh yeah...and they sent him packing. Oh, I guess that WAS yesterday, wasn't it? Well, I'm back on schedule this week, so let's take a peek inside Earth's Last Eden!

We begin this week, like we always do, at the Fang camp after Tribal. Ace tells us how GC had to go. He also tells us that he has Sugar in his pocket, but he needs someone else to help him make it to the merge. Meanwhile, Matty seems to be missing food, his dog and his girlfriend. He says he's been in bad shape since he got there and if someone, ANYone would approach him with an even halfway decent plan, he's totally on board. Enter Ace! After a few minutes, they make a deal. Matty gets to keep his Kenny and Ace gets to keep his Sugar. Matty swears on his girlfriend and Ace swears on his mother that they'll help each other get to the merge. Matty then tells us that he wouldn't break that bond for $5 million. I fear, for Matty's sake, he won't get the same from Ace. Cue the theme.

We come back from the credits to Kota and the topic is food. Bob tells us that the tribe is eating too much, particularly Dan. He's taking as much food as several other players combined. Corinne tells us that they're going through food at an alarming rate and she's sick of it being wasted on Dan.


Back at Fang, they're almost out of rice. They're doing their best to figure out how best to cook and eat. Ken tells us they have six day's worth and we're on Day 16. Um...oops! Ace comes in to tell Sugar that he's pretty sure the tribe went through her bag and they know she has the idol. She asks if she should give him the idol. Her thought process is if they think she has it, maybe giving it to Ace will trip them up a bit. And I can't believe it, but she actually gives him the idol! She says she's put all of her trust in Ace and now her entire game is riding on him. We see Ace in a confessional telling us about his deals with Matty and Sugar and as he's in the middle of telling us how great he is, he's distracted by an elephant that has jumped into the water right behind him. Considering we could see it too, I honestly didn't hear what he said, because I saw the elephant and it stole my attention.

Probst sighting!! For today's challenge, each tribe will be tethered to a 20 foot long, 250 pound snake. They will each move in opposite directions around in a circle trying to catch the other tribe. If you get too tired or weak, you can drop out of the challenge, but that makes it harder on everyone else. First tribe to catch the other wins reward. Wanna know what they're playing for? Breakfast! Donuts, tea, coffee and all that good stuff. Mmmmmm. Corinne will sit out for Kota and it's on.

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