Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

He's a Snake, But He's My Snake

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 24, 2008

Which of these two did better in the challenges? It's even.

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Both tribes take off and after one lap, Kota is gaining ground on Fang thanks to Kelly's uselessness. After the second lap, Kota is really gaining and then Sugar, Ken and Kelly drop out and Fang actually picks up the pace. Susie drops out for Kota, and Fang is actually getting some ground back. As Crystal drops out, Matty is getting pissed that she was slowing them down, while Ace is getting pissed that they can't carry all that. And after about 30 seconds of that, Kota just overpowers the two-man team of Matty and Ace and Kota wins yet another reward. Next up is who gets to go to Exile Island. As Jeff asks Crystal what's the worst part, Randy is heard making fake whining sounds. He then tells us that he gets so happy watching the other tribe lose. As Sugar makes her fourth consecutive trip to Exile, Crystal lets us know that she's done with Randy and when the tribes merge, the old Fang and new Fang will have no relationship.

We come back from break to the Kota tribe again. Marcus is so pumped at how well the tribe works together. It comes time to divvy up the loot and Charlie suggests that they split everything up and then people can eat their share whenever they want to. As Dan annoys EVERYone with the whole food thing, Randy tells us that it's probably time to start distancing himself from Dan and making a stronger bond with the old Kota members.

Over at the Sugar Shack, Sugar's finally breaking. She liked it at first, but now she feels horrible that she gets to sit and eat fruit while the rest of her tribe has no food. Plus she already found the idol. She's just upset.


Back at Fang, the discussion is about getting a bunch of work done today, since tomorrow is going to be pretty hot. Kelly and Ace are talking about how Crystal is starting to go the way of GC. They are watching her lose it. Crystal and Matty are talking around the fire and she's saying she hopes they don't see her tears as weakness. She decides she needs to go find Kelly and Ace and as she heads out, she says that Kelly is going to "feel the wrath of Crystal." And here we go! Crystal tracks them down and lets them know not to view her tears as a sign of weakness. She tells them that she's fine now. Of course, Kelly sees it as a sign of weakness. And that's pretty much it. Hey Crystal, maybe wrath doesn't mean what you think it means.

Back at Kota, Bob's caught a turtle. And a big one at that. As they get the turtle in the boat, all the talk is about some turtle soup. As everyone eats, Marcus tells us that their morale is at an all time high and Fang better watch out. Interesting that he would say that, since it's time for a...

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