Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

He's a Snake, But He's My Snake

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 24, 2008

Which of these two did better in the challenges? It's even.

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Crystal tells Ken that she thinks Matty is flipping on them. Ken goes straight to Matty and says they have to get rid of Ace. Matty says he can't because he made a serious promise not to. Ken is seriously worried about the game getting away from them the longer they keep Ace around. He goes off to talk to Sugar. He tells her that the honest people get screwed in this game by the people like Ace. She tells him that she gave the idol to Ace and wonders if she should get it back. Ken is blown away to hear that. And all of a sudden, things are changing. Next we see Sugar tell Ace that she took the idol back, just so he knows. She then says, "But I'm not gonna need it, right?" He assures her that she won't. Apparently, Ken knows that she took the idol back and he feels much better knowing she has it instead of Ace. Ace then tells us that she took the idol, but for this vote he's not too worried. And that's probably a bad thing.

We get to Tribal and Jeff points out the obvious; they have won two challenges on the season. Matty says they must be cursed. Kelly says that they just can't work together as a team. Jeff concurs that this tribe is a team playing as individuals. Crystal and Ace agree that they didn't work as a team and Ace admits that the majority of the problems on that challenge were his fault. He asks Crystal about the tears at challenges and she says that she's afraid people will see it as a sign of weakness. Kelly suggests that her crying is a sign of not being stable. Crystal gets pretty upset at that and tells her that if she can't figure out she's upset from losing and hardly eating, that she might not last too much longer out there either. This little argument goes on for a bit longer and frankly, I don't care enough about either of these people to even recap it. Somehow Ace gets brought into it and Kelly accuses Ace of talking out of both sides of his mouth all the time. Ace's response, "Actually Kelly, I'd be impressed if you understood what I was saying half the time." And he's so right too. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Dumbest. Survivor. Ever. Jeff moves on to Matty, saying that he seems like he shouldn't be worried. He says that there's no logic in this tribe, so it could be anyone. And mercifully, it's time to vote.

We see Ace's vote for Kelly saying it's been a long time coming. We hear Crystal's vote, "Forget you, go home." After the argument, you have to think she voted Kelly. Jeff asks about the idol and once again, Sugar keeps it to herself. First vote, Kelly. Second vote, Crystal. The rest of the votes come up Kelly. WOO HOO!!!!! I've been waiting for her ticket to get punched and I have to tell you, it feels good to watch her take that long walk to Loser's Lodge. Someone that stupid should never have been allowed on this show in the first place. Good riddance!


Next time on Survivor: both tribes will be voting someone out. And what we see next is a montage of strategy. Vote out Sugar, vote out Crystal, blindside Ace, Susie's made it far enough, Dan's the vote tonight, Crystal thinks Ken's going, Ken thinks Crystal's going and Susie tells Corinne she was going to vote for her. Confused? You won't be after next week's episode of Survivor! Til then, take care!

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