Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

He's a Snake, But He's My Snake

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 24, 2008

Which of these two did better in the challenges? It's even.

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Probst sighting! Today's challenge is a physical one. The tribes will divide into three pairs. They'll be tethered together with rope. One at a time, the pairs will roll through an obstacle course to find two pieces of a flagpole. As each team goes out, obstacles will be added. The first tribe to get all six pieces of the flagpole assembled wins immunity. Susie will sit out for Kota.

The first pairs to go are Bob and Randy for Kota and Kelly and Sugar for Fang. Kelly and Sugar blow the old guys out of the water on the first obstacle. But Bob catches up and the teams untie the flagpole sections at the same time with Kota having a slight lead as they go back through the obstacle. The girls are slowing down horribly. Corinne and Charlie are on the course for Kota and are through the obstacle before Ace and Crystal even get on the course. Kota is making it through the second obstacle as Fang gets through the first. Crystal and Ace are actually making up some ground, but they are SO far behind. Corinne releases the flagpole pieces and she and Charlie continue the lead for Kota. Ace and Crystal have made up a lot of ground, though.


Dan and Marcus hit the course and they're just blowing through this thing. Matty and Ken hit the course as well and we may actually have a challenge. Dan and Marcus have a slight lead on the third obstacle, but Matty and Ken climb over it rather than through it and take the lead. Both teams get the final pieces at about the same time. As they come to the final obstacle, they're neck and neck. Kota gets to the mat first, but Fang is only about three seconds behind. Now it's about untying the pieces and putting them together. Teamwork is a huge thing here and Kota has it as they pull away from Ace, who doesn't want any help from anyone. And just like that, Kota raises the flagpole and sends Fang back to Tribal Council. Crystal tells us that Ace is a tyrant and a bully and people see him as a force in challenges, but they haven't won anything with him.

We come back to Fang to decide who gets thrown out tonight. Ace tells us that he's done with Kelly and she has to go. Matty approaches Ace about flushing the idol out of Sugar tonight. Ace tells him that she won't play the idol tonight and to trust him. Matty goes right along with him and decides Kelly is the move to make. We then see Crystal and Matty talking about blind siding Sugar. Matty says that's not gonna happen and Kelly should go. Crystal says that Ace should go and Matty says they need him to win. Crystal points out that even with Ace they haven't won anything. She's very concerned about the Ace-Sugar alliance. Even Ken thinks Kelly is the vote tonight.

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